🇫🇷 Macron's Yellow Vests

:fr: Macron's Yellow Vests


That will be how civilisation ended.


Who’s organising them? Very good way of stopping something before it starts properly and our SS have a long history of this kind of thing. But then it’d surely be all over the BBC(or are they favourable to the Farage mindset?).


You didn’t read it from Goat or SOS thats for sure, maybe I be so bold as to say it could have been me…


But I did post something a short while ago mentioning the EDL…


I’m in Poland. I have Vodka
Memory is wonky, is it still snowing?


Shhhhhh, don’t tell Barry but it’s official.


I’m not too sure why you try to push that narrative on to me, you should be writing an apology to the BBC.


Why’s that then?


The BBC is essentially tax payer funded. As such, I would expect it to use the proceeds of its public money to ensure that the electorate is kept informed. This is the eighth week of widespread protest in France. Armoured vehicles are deployed in the capitals of Europe to protect Europe’s elites from Europe’s people. It’s shocking that events in Europe haven’t been properly reported, especially as many in the country are agonising about a loss of political unity with this unseen shitshow.


Apologise for what? They have one (limited) article on the yellow vest protests (which were larger yesterday than they were last weekend) tucked away on the Europe news page. The lead (longer) article on that page? :“Brexit: PM says critics of her deal are risking democracy”. The BBC are a fucking joke.


Well you moaned and now they made an effort at least, go on one of your pro Russian tweet bots and find large pension protests all over Russia.
Lets be fair.


They made an effort? Is that what you expect from your national broadcaster? Pro Russian tweet bots? You mean someone you don’t agree with?


Sorry I am just going through the thorough and impartial Sputnik and RT trying to find news that criticises Putins Russia, thats it, I can’t find any…


The guardian is no better. One article about 6pm, that’s was buried in the “around the world section” an hour after it came out, but 3 non articles about Russia, that are obvious propaganda, all in under 24 hours. Must have targets to meet.


Have I said it was? What a pathetic response, you assume I read the Guardian.


There is a Russia thread Barry. At least RT is obviously propaganda. You appear to be blissfully unaware that the BBC is too.


He was replying to me you melt.


Sorry Danny.


Yes, Barry appears to be in full froth mode and didn’t notice. No doubt he’ll apologise.


Is this you being honest about that response from yourself.