🇫🇷 Macron's Yellow Vests

:fr: Macron's Yellow Vests


I reckon he’s been up all night F5ing the BBC home page only to see reports of Saudi Women being divorced by text.


What a backward nation and practice, 500 years behind.


Divorce by txt, you say. Big news, i’m sure lots of people are very interested(after the labotomy). Wonder if it’s being reported on RT. Probably on Saudi/UAE RT, but maybe not in countries were it has no relevance.
Always wise when judging news output, to look at the broadcast region, before making accusations about the content.
Sorry, remind me again why our public broadcaster thinks this is a valid, educational news worthy item for a UK audience?
Obvs nothing happening closer to home :lou_facepalm_2:


Because womens emancipation may be of interest to people, possibly not to a dinosaur like you but to people who want equality for all it is of great importance.


We will all be equally choking on the teargas.


Women wouldn’t be allowed to go out and demonstrate so it’d be a one sided affair.



But you have no problem with(you defend them) our paid up jihadists and army/airforce blowing the limbs off of women and children all over the Middle East
Shame on you and all that go along with the bullshit propaganda of mass murderers.


Are you also smoking crack this morning?

I have always said and I’ll say it again as there must be a haze over Gillingham, we shouldn’t be there, we should have never gone there, and we should get out.


I think i would need to smoke something stronger than crack, to not see the hypocrisy in your words.
Should’nt be there, but defend the lying propaganda machine, which causes all the death/mutilation of innocents.
Is that what the BBC does to the mind?


What propaganda machine? What one am I defending now according to you? And before you say what one, can you show some examples of this defence?



A common refrain from you, on any thread, regardless of its applicability to the thread in question, is “which would you choose? BBC or RT?”. You know, like it’s a mutually exclusive proposition.

Now most adults realise you can watch both. Clearly you don’t. You just watch one, and your only defence for it is that it isn’t the other.

It’s laughable, Barry. It’s like you’re picking a football team, not doing any serious analysis.


Its a question Pap, people could equally answer both, where have I suggested otherwise?


Here’s a link to all the related articles on the BBC


Goat will be overjoyed the national broadcaster has posted something of our neighbours, SOS will question the relevance though as its not happening in Merrie Old England…


One small article on a politician fleeing his office after an escalation of protests across the country. It’s a start I suppose.


Umm if you scroll down there are quite a few articles


From before christmas. I was commenting on the increased number of protestors this weekend and the apparent lack of coverage. Maybe it’s just me.



Imagine if these protests were by citizens in Russia. How much coverage do you think it would get then?


Well that wouldn’t happen as Russia wouldn’t allow the protest to either take place or be broadcast, how much have you heard about the nationwide pension protests which forced Putin to backtrack?