🇫🇷 Macron's Yellow Vests

:fr: Macron's Yellow Vests


Even though it’s been proven multiple times that they are anything but.
Good luck with that.


Well they’re more impartial than RT and Fox lets just say.


Neck and neck with fox(they really are that shit now, they just use better language and don’t shout as much), but behind RT(yes, really).



No, RT is propaganda nothing more nothing less, please show me when it has ever criticised Putin, the Russian political regime and its foreign policy?


lol. Bellingdawg told ya it was kicking off in merseyside bazza.


They may well be, but do they deliberately lie like the BBC and guardian?
Back on subject, why are they refusing to report these important events and how can we trust them when we know they are downplaying such events.


Distrusting the news is one of the principle goals of streams like RT, maybe you can’t see that.


So you’re saying its now a codshite news source? Your confused Goat.


I don’t think you guys understand the yellow jackets this side are UKIP basically.


What is he protesting about?

Just asking like as I have no idea.


Brexit apparently - for it that is.


No, i can’t see it, as i don’t watch/read RT or the BBC. Although, if distrust in news reporting was the goal, i would say the BBC and guardian(NYT, WaPo & CNN in America) are leaders in the field. No one comes close to the lies they spread.


I think SportsDirect had run out of giant mugs and it upset him.


Made me chuckle


And to think Goat and SOS are pissed off these people aren’t being promoted, all 100 of them…


Why do you lie so often?
Do you work for the Atlantic Council/Integrity Initiative? Requirement of the job for them.


Still nothing on the BBC so still didn’t happen. No mention of the 1000s in France either. Everything’s rosy.


More worrying are stories that the EDL are behind UK Yellow Vest protests, and no I can’t remember where I read that but I only have msm on my phone here


Nah. I think it was a protest at vegan sausage rolls in Greggs.