🇫🇷 Macron's Yellow Vests

:fr: Macron's Yellow Vests


Seeing as friends right now are in St Peters Square in Manchester and have seen nothing all day I remain sceptical.
100 people letting off smoke bombs and quoting the Star is laughable.


Where have I said this?


I think I said earlier France is a shitstorm, my in laws live and work there.
If you read my posts that is…


I’m just pointing out Barry, that it’s you who believes what they want to believe and dismisses sources unless it suits your argument.


I didn’t ask about Manchester and you know that.
Don’t want answer the question obviously.


I haven’t actually nailed my colours to any mast on this, its you who has.


Oh so now you’re dissecting the supposed news and turning into your reality, nevermind Sputnik and RT you’re real deal Pyongyang…


Nailed what colours to what mast? I never fucking know which argument you’re making as it’s never usually on the correct thread at the correct time.


I haven’t said what I believe and what is correct, I do think its very strange that the BBC aren’t reporting on it but the nationwide demonstrations have not been as big lately (I do know this), maybe its that or a part of that, maybe the yellow shirts this side are actually the black shirts of yesteryear?
They all seem to be populist reactionaries, something I wouldn’t associate with you but there we go.


What the fuck are you on? I pray it’s just too many drugs.
It was a simple enough question. Let’s try again.
It’s a question about the guardian article i posted(just incase you have forgotten already).


The massive unrest has been subsiding.



That’s not an answer to the question.


If its been subsiding yes, if not no it should be on the front.


So you think nothing for 2 weeks is normal?


So you don’t think these protests are worth reporting if there are less people protesting than there were last week?


No I don’t.


Thats how news works, do you think there is 24 news on the protests and campaigns taken to and that happen outside Westminster, it would have a dedicated news channel.


Me neither. So we know we can’t trust the BBC or guardian on these matters.
It’s shit that they’ve been completely taken over by the SS and big corps, isn’t it?


Who does? Me? Barking up the wrong tree son, I use them more as they are more impartial but omitting the news is a trick all broadcasters use.