🇫🇷 Macron's Yellow Vests

:fr: Macron's Yellow Vests


Don’t know ask the BBC.


While you’re asking them that, ask them if the French protests are an illusion.


You don’t seem to know much about this do you?

You don’t know what the march is about?
You don’t know what trouble there is if there is any.
You don’t know how many are there in cheap yellow numbers?

I suggest you find out son.


Why? Until it’s on the BBC you’ll say: what sort of source is that you tin foil Putin monkey.


Still nothing in the guardian, but this in the ‘headlines’ section.
Ukraine: new Orthodox church gains independence from Moscow

Just the first paragraph shows the intent.

“The biggest rift in Christianity in centuries is expected to open up after a new Orthodox church in Ukraine gained formal independence from Moscow in a move set to heighten geopolitical tensions in the region.”

Who’s she trying to fool?


You quote the Star ha ha!

This leads with protest swarms London burning EU flags (are these your mates?) throwing smoke bombs.

And then states witnesses state there were about 100 there.

Ha ha, are you sure its not Saints fans travelling up to Derby excited for the night out letting off a couple of fireworks?

Forum gold.


Never had you down as an Orthodox Russian Christian? I thought you only worshipped at the altar of Putin?


Why no yellow vest reports on the BBC?


And, I rest my case.


I don’t know, I’ll phone them up and get it sorted…


Just trying to help with your question about claims of a D notice.


I thought that article was tongue in cheek…


I know what a D notice is, where is the proof it has issued?

I’m certainly not taking a tweet as authority ha ha!




It’s not fair! The double hard bastard wasn’t wearing a yellow jacket.


But it’s on Bellingdawg.




That’s your problem. Very little thinking and a religious belief that anyone that raises obvious questions about implausible narrative, must be the enemy.
Do you think the article should be a ‘headline’ article, whilst we get nothing about massive unrest in our very close neighbour?


Not on the Beeb. Not happening.


I feel sorry for all the people that believe the BBC tell them everything they need to know(& always truthfully). They’ll be so disappointed when they get to France for their peaceful weekend away.