🇫🇷 Macron's Yellow Vests

:fr: Macron's Yellow Vests


I’m sure the Police are happy to be meeting less and less violent resistance.


No denying the evidence of MH-17, the White Helmets and lots more, but if you want to bow out, that’s fine(and sensible).
You’re earlier comments on the French and pension reforms is correct i think. If this present situation doesn’t do it, that’ll have them in full revolt. Shame our citizens are not more like them.






This is in London today so I’m sure it’s all over the BBC already.


Protest also reported (obviously, again, all over the BBC) in Cardiff and Manchester.





Neoliberal globalists = EU


Enjoying all those BBC reports on French and now British protests Barry?


The Star are covering it ffs.


Definitely not worth reporting.


Nothing in the guardian(app) on yellow vests or giblets jaunes(for 2 weeks).
Our media are like a little child, that covers their eyes and thinks no one can see them.


Funny. RT are reporting on it so maybe it’s all being staged. In London, Cardiff, Manchester, Toulon, Paris, Bordeaux, Rouen etc.
Barry will believe it when they’re on his lawn.


Not if the BBC aren’t reporting it😁


Pro Brexit march isn’t it?


Don’t know. Have a look here:



How many are marching in London and causing “havoc” with smoke bombs?