🇫🇷 Macron's Yellow Vests

:fr: Macron's Yellow Vests


That’s really quite something. Looks like its proper going off, with the French police sporting more armour than the 1940s German military.



Plain clothes cunts.


Do we need a separate yellow vest thread?




Struggling to find stories about this on the BBC (not about this thread obvs)


And you’re surprised?






Interesting that some of the locals I spoke to last night commented that they had cancelled business trips to France in recent weeks, one stated he got out earlier than planned because it had become “unsafe”.


Well, at least he didn’t blame Putin.


Perhaps Made in and others would be better served by analysing the growth of unrest and dismay at the liberal elite & 1% across Europe than abusing them.
The Peasants are starting to revolt Manny, now where did I put that Guillotine?


Week 8



How can we validate that?


Ask the BBC. lol.



This is the hypocrisy by you and SOS, you believe this as you want to but not things against what you believe?
Can you not see that?
My brother in law lives and works in France and its a real absolute shit show BUT I said this a while back also as Macron is a banker and nothing more, the left, right and rural hate him with a passion and THIS IS NOTHING compared to shit that will hit the fan with pension reform and higher working age proposals that France and many other European nations will have to adopt if they don’t want to go bankrupt.


I didn’t say whether I believed it or not Barry but how much have the BBC printed about the yellow vest protests since before Christmas?