🇫🇷 Macron's Yellow Vests

:fr: Macron's Yellow Vests




But the people of the UK have been browbeaten by “the authorities” to believe we shouldn’t protest violently about anything, ever.

We are supposed to shop for shiny things and accept greater inequality between the haves and have nots.

And Brexit is in our own self-interest- sorry, wrong thread. I’ll go and talk sternly to myself…



Looking on the bright side, the new EU army will be too busy crushing internal dissent to bother with too many overseas adventures.


They’re a fucking disgrace. France is going to be taking a real turn to the left or right soon. The fuel tax has been suspended, but people still aren’t happy.








Looking at MSM you’d be forgiven for thinking the Yellow Vest protests are all over.



Bloody foreigners infecting my timeline with harsh truths.




I’m constantly amazed that Bazza has such a downer on the Radio Times.

Anyway, so as not to annoy him, I haven’t got this years xmas edition.


A life plotted around the Sanchez is one lived in madness.

I have my scars from SaintsWeb :smiley:



7th weekend of protests in France. Still mainstream news?


Nice shot of French petrol prices in this clip.