🇫🇷 Macron's Yellow Vests

:fr: Macron's Yellow Vests


Well, looking back on the BBC coverage, despite the protests being much smaller there seems to be about the same amount of coverage as for the French protests.



Quoting the Express now, classy…


They have more coverage than the BBC.


Where would you like me to quote from Barry?


Because they’re a right wing paper covering right wing news and people.


Oh do fuck off. Are you saying the french protestors are right wing?


Errr yes that is exactly what I am saying, many are right wing, did you think they were all left wing?

Oh dear, oh dear.


That is SO Old News.
It’s been the case in UAE for ages, you need to say I divorce you 3 times in a text and that’s legally binding.
Only people who complained were lawyers who saw a drop off in their gravy trains.


You think that 100s of thousands of people protesting about not having enough money to live on are all right wing trouble makers.
That’s me done Barry.
Good luck everyone.


It is a good point, surprised that there have been no Foreign Office travel advisories. It certainly seems that everyone here knows more about it than the Brits.


Perhaps the BBC are keeping it off the news because its not news.

e.g. no one is surprised the French are revolting :wink:


Weird that. Isn’t there a propaganda effort on the go aimed at portraying the French protesters as exactly that, right wing agitators?

Barry is programmable if nothing else. A man beyond his time, I reckon. He should have been Sirhan Sirhan.


No I said lots are right wing, its a populist movement made up of all sorts who can’t survive, why is that exclusive for the left to be poor? That is factually incorrect for a start.
Le Pen also supports the marches as do other right leaders, the demands of the protesters are so varied they contradict each other, its an anti establishment march but very very confused as its populist.
I suggest you look into it.


Right wing paper covering right wing news and people.
Your words Barry.


It was you who started with the left right bullshit. Stop projecting. Again.


So now you’re promoting them?

Half an hour ago you thought they were all Fidel Castro’s…


My point is you should have seen the correlation.


Katie Hopkins leads her women on march.


My point is you’re a bellend.