🇫🇷 Macron's Yellow Vests

:fr: Macron's Yellow Vests


Look at them. Rabid fucking nazis.


Scum. Hiding their blackshirts under their yellow vests.



Why is this at the top of Russian news?


Russian plot. Right wing mayhem. All we need now is Assad to join in and we’ve got Bingo!




All I can find on TASS is this from December 27th. Where is this article “top of Russian news”?


It’s like Armand-Augustin-Louis, Marquis de Caulaincourt to Barry’s Napoléon Bonaparte :joy:



Macron and company busy defining the protesters as enemies of the Republic. Didn’t Palpatine try that? :smiley:

On Sunday evening, Macron wrote on Twitter: “Once again, the Republic was attacked with extreme violence - its guardians, its representatives, its symbols.”

His administration had hardened its stance against the yellow vests after the protest movement appeared to have lost momentum over the Christmas holidays.

The government would not relent in its pursuit of reforms to reshape the economy, government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux said on Friday, branding the remaining protesters agitators seeking to overthrow the government.

Twenty-four hours later, he was fleeing his office out of a back door as protesters invaded the courtyard and smashed up several cars. “It wasn’t me who was attacked,” he later said. “It was the Republic.”


Whether left or right, Macron gas had a nightmare.
It was all calming down before Xmas but like all ruling elite types he got his dick out and took a hard line.
A sceptic would think he did that to keep the protests going.
I’ve said it before and will say it again, a benevolent Dictatorship really offers more to the people than self serving pricks



Because armoured vehicles and 146,000 government boots on the ground on New Year’s Eve isn’t enough :facepunch:


He wants the protests as its a way for him to rise in the polls, its a populist movement with broad support from all sides so he is hoping they’ll turn on themselves if he gives them a chance to speak? What will they say?




get the fuck in!!!

Will now be hammering it all the way from Geneva to Vallandry - fuck you le rozzers



Was that not a gas explosion? Do we know the actual cause yet?


That doesn’t look like rioting, that looks like an explosion.


Hence why I put it in latest news rather than here.


The Yellow vest’s are doing a better job that Hitler ever could