🥳 🇬🇧 Lovely Jubilee?

Assuming the Queen is still with us, there’s a big jubilee coming up.

Is anyone doing anything special for it

Nope :blush:

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The bird is making noises about a little tea party for the old dears in the Close. Quite a nice idea, not one I’d have formulated myself tbh but I’ll happily go along with it.


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At the 1st Jubilee, Coombe Bssett had a “proper do” full on Village Fete on the Cricket Pitch then a Street Party in a Barn up the road in Homington.
Hosted by Peter Gibb who was the then owner of Gibbs Brewery in Salisbury.
The Cricket Tea Ladies did the Cucumber Sarnies & Peter supplied unlimited Barrels of Bishops Tipple, then one the THE best (and strongest Real Ales in the Country.

I remember nothing. We found the Cricket Team captain asleep in the hedge the next morning. We got splattered by The Cuckoo Cricket Club that Sunday afternoon.
Doing something here? Yeah, I’ll open a bottle of Old Speckled Hen


I’m having two days off work.

I will be working, voluntarily and quite happily, I have no need for a 2 day royal family wankfest.


You spending the two days before getting friction burns then?

We’re all getting smashed for 3 days on our estate, superb, fuck knows what republicans are doing, I suppose they’re working as they fail to recognise the monarchy and this holiday?

As part of my civic duties I’m presiding over 4 days of celebrations.

Specifically, lighting a beacon (with help of my MP), judging a fancy dress competition and awarding prizes for various other competitions, in charge of a whole day party in the park with live music, delivering a tribute to Her Maj and visiting (vicar of Dibley style) about 8 street parties.

Then swiftly heading to Spain.


Our street are having a party

Having two days off work or maybe doing something charitable instead ?

Sorry to read that you appear to have an issue with people not being flag waving monarchists - It doesn’t mean they don’t love our country btw :roll_eyes:

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Go and do something charitable then? Good for you, if you don’t recognise or like the monarchy its not really a holiday for you is it?

Any day off work is a holiday. I don’t believe that Jesus rose from the dead but I still take a 4 day weekend and eat Easter eggs like everybody else.


Behave and stop starting arguments on yet another thread Barry.



No argument at all, republicans fail to recognise the monarchy and its institutions.

I will be proudly and loudly playing God Save The Queen.

By The Sex Pistols.


Accompanied by the video of them playing it on the Thames, I trust?


I could get the projector screen out and play it for the street.