🌉 London Bridge: Man shot by police after stabbing

BBC News - London Bridge: Man shot by police after stabbing

Pretty grim video in the tweet below.

Police 'neutralising' man wielding knife


Did i just witness a police execution?

Disarmed, on the ground and held down.
Police officer(?) steps back, raises weapon
Others restraining suspect all quickly clear.
Execution takes place(assuming he’s dead).

Hard to see what is going on in there - the nutter could have still been waving the knife about and refusing to let go - could have pulled a gun - who knows

Just breaking that he was wearing a hoax explosive device -

They didn’t neutralise him the shot him dead.

Well, it does look unpleasantly like a police execution. However:

It’s been reported that the man was wearing a suicide vest that turned out to be fake. The police wouldn’t have known it was fake, but if he appeared to be about to set it off then you can certainly understand (a) why all the others scarpered sharpish and (b) why the police shot him.

No way of seeing from the footage that Bletch posted whether or not he was completely restrained (i.e. unable to detonate a suicide vest), or what exactly he was doing. I can’t see any reason for the other police to get out of the way so quickly other than that they thought they might get blown up. I’m sure they’d trust their colleague to shoot the bloke through the head from close range without endangering them.

My eldest daughter was in the area and had to be evacuated.

Convenient, but then i wonder why only a single shot when he quite clearly moves his arm(s) after being shot. Look again, the camera jerks away at the gunshot and when it pans back he moves his arm(s). Why no second shot?
I predicted something like this would happen around now and the Home Secretary has just reduced the terror threat, as they always do before a performance.

As you might have already gathered, i’m far from convinced.

There were two shots. There is other footage from a different angle. I’m loath to post stuff like this but it probably has to be seen to be believed.

You can see fear in the police that there is a threat - I guess they believed there was a bomb vest.

More footage of the police shooting


I am confused. The clip with two gun shots has a space of about 2 seconds between shots. The first clip panned away and back taking longer than 2 seconds, but no second shot. The clip has now disappeared.
There are other issues, like the armed officer that waddled over the road, stood to the side of the man, with a pointblank clear shot opportunity, but decided to step back and fire from greater range.

At the moment, it stinks and i want to know why they just reduced the terror threat(if there are any training exercises planned, expect more and bigger shows).

I can still see both clips and in both clips I hear two shots.

I saw the original clip on Sky. They stopped the video before the shots but played the audio. There were two shots then. I haven’t seen a clip with only one shot.

If anything stinks here it doesn’t involve a change in the number of shots.

Well that didn’t take long. This is exactly what i thought would happen as soon as i heard the news, but i thought they might have waited at least 24 hours out of common decency to the victims. This is pure filth, the politics of the sewer.

You don’t have to read many Andy McNab books, or meet security guys/private contractors on R&R from Iraq in Dubai to know the Standard Operating Procedure IF a Suicide Vest is suspected is a Double Tap to the head.


I heard the police in our office mention something at the time but I didn’t have time to look anything up.

Unbelievable fake news re Corbyn tweet. Something really needs to change.


When i went to check it came up “page no longer available”(or similar) 3 times. I have seen it posted elsewhere and it did work, so don’t know what happened.

When listening to first clip again i heard the first clearly and then what sounded like two more bangs muffled by the people with the phone screaming. This would solve the 2 second issue*, but am i miss hearing a possible third shot?

* it doesn’t resolve the arm(s) moving after the shots though(timing is to quick even with 3 shots). Surely that would warrant a couple more rounds.

Edit: justed checked your link again and still getting

I think I can still see it because it is in my cache.

Notice the error at the bottom of my screenshot. But I can still see the clip.

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Worth a try

It works :grin:

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It OK people… Laura K has just informed the BBC that Boris will Chair an emergency COBRA meeting tonight…

I doubt we will ever have a fair election again… the mass of uncontrolled misinformation and lies spread by the free an unaccountable social media that many will swallow means we are doomed to an idiocracy…