🗳 Local elections 2022

So we’ve got local elections this week. Boris is out on the campaign trail, forgetting where he is and going back onto GMB for the first time in years.

Keir Starmer still doesn’t know what a woman is, and has presided over a period in which he’s poisoned the well and failed to attract any floaters.

I think a lot of people are going to stay at home, more than usual for a set of local electios.

What does the rest of the site reckon?

Not in my area so doesn’t bother me…

Labour will make gains but not on the scale that was previously mentioned ie 800+

It will be hailed as a great win, but I suspect as @pap said it will be stay aways / protest voters and this will not reflect a GE situation

I wonder if a new centrist party would be a goer - a bit like what Macron did with En Marche

Not interested in the wider picture? Barometer of the nation ahead of the election, snapshot of public opinion, etc? :thinking:

Probably after but not before, the lead up and the hustings and the campaign trails and the ads and the lying and blustering just bore the feck out of me.

Think Libs and Greens will do well and agree it will be a very low turnout.

Loved it this morning on the local radio when a Southampton Tory said they have a lot of doorstep support for Boris. Most think he’s doing a good job. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


The Philippines is voting for a new President. I expect it to be rigged and Duturte’s daughter to get in power. Violence will then occur.

We don’t have ours until next year, they’re pointless anyway, people are so entrenched its pointless, no discourse or differing views, this is mostly from the tories though, labour will spoil or vote lib but the tories no matter how corrupt they are will always say its worse with labour and continue vote for them.

Boris destroyed by Suzanne Reid this morning.

He’s just sat there thinking “Who’s this bird - I’d love to finger her.”

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I don’t think there’s as much public antipathy towards them as the media would have us believe, but we’ll find out when the results come in.

I think the issue is the other shite people have to vote for. Can’t remember the Labour Party being in a more moribund state. People still remember the Lib Dems dying on the Brexit hill too.

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I disagree.

He’s thinking that, but he’s thinking it in Latin.

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Quis est haec avis - Ego amare illam digitum


People call Romanes they go to the house?

People call Romanies - they go with the house


Wandworth and Westminster city gone over to Labour

Westminster has never been anything other than Tory since it’s creation in the 60’s

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So is party gate literally a Westminster topic?

Based on results so far, looks like a poor show for Keir Starmer’s party.

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