Liverpool vs Southampton October 25th Drinks

Right, this one is a long way off, but it was mentioned a couple of times yesterday and I thought I’d float it early so that people can get prepared and ticketed for the event.

Is there any interest in an inaugural Sotonians away day drinks event up in Liverpool?

Yes, I know I’ll be accused of self-serving suggestions here, but if we’re going to do an away day piss-up, Liverpool is the one to do for all sorts of reasons. It’s only a two hour train ride for the Londoners, ditto for Sfcsim in deepest darkest Cumbria. Plus, the fact that two of us already live here means we’ll probably be able to put on a good pub crawl. I’m not averse to throwing a fuck-off house party if people would prefer that.

What do we reckon?


If I’m here I’ll be up for that defo, haven’t a clue what I’m doing yet but sounds good.


Curly wig and 'tache at the ready :laughing:


Originally posted by @Goatboy

Curly wig and 'tache at the ready :laughing:

Oh the days flew by when we laughed without a care in the World…

I will be there with the boy!

Shit just read it properly… The boys first game, then a house party at the age of 3 might be a little early for him! Ha ha

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Think you’re taking your chances taking a nipper that young to a game. My bro took his toddler to the game yesterday, and although he was surprisingly alright, I wouldn’t recommend it if you fancy enjoying the game.

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I am getting pestered all over the place. Holly wants to go (she will be the easiest), then Olivia wants to go, but I want to get the boy into Saints early on… He starts nursery next week!

I’m keen to do Liverpool away (never been) but not sure I can make it work this season. Despite getting all excited about the prospect when it was mentioned, I hadn’t logged beyond September’s fixtures in my brain and didn’t realise it’s coming up so soon.

Hmm. Simply spent too much in the last couple of months and going on holiday next week too! D’oh.

Will be looking to go to this, but not being a season ticket holder, means I need help getting tickets for these games.

Paul, don’t suppose you will be hoping to encourage a young Clark up for this one?

If I can’t go I’ll be able to offer my season ticket number to someone in need, so we’ll see. Should have enough aways on there by now to get in on the first allocation.


I won’t be encouraging a young Clark, but might convince his dad that it’s worth the trip. I know quite few STHs now, so we should be okay for tickets.

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Yes not the 2 young Clark’s just old one :wink:

When do the tickets go on sale for this, does anyone want a lift from Southampton and pap, can I park at your gaff? :laughing:

Don’t know when tickets go on sale, but yeah, I can sort parking. My house is about 2 miles away from Anfield.

How many pubs are on the way? :wink:

I will not be doing this game as it is on a Sunday (only just noticed this). It is also on sky, so as I can only go to a few games, best go to the ones that are not on sky or a Sunday, or both!

So will be going to the home game against Leicester the week earlier instead. :grinning:

Southampton for the weekend, nice.

Funnily enough, this is one of the reasons I reckon the Liverpool game is feasible. Some of the requirements for away tickets this season have been insane. Perhaps a televised match will convince more people to sit at home instead, as this post proves. I think the distance from Southampton may also be a factor.

Pap, good to catch up today. Sadly I cant make this one. Partly because the unemployment budget wont stretch to it, but am booked anyway. Gutted to miss it, sink a few for me.

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Actually would have done this one, but at Wembley for the NFL. Need to get to one of these soon…