Liverpool vs Southampton Match Thread - 7/5/17 K.O. 13:30

Was really hoping I wouldn’t be doing this thread but here we are*. Tough trip to A-field on Sunday, with the one saving grace that Liverpool can be as unpredictable as us at times. After the more than disappointing 0-0 last week, I think I would happily take a 0-0 from this game, with Lallana missing a penalty and Lovren having a perfectly good goal disallowed in 2nd half injury time (should also go without saying that I would happily take a win too).

Also would be nice to see the players respond and put in a decent shift like Hull did against us.

*happy now @btripz ? :lou_wink_2:


We’ll win this one, of course we will! 2-0 to us! That’s right!


Whilst a share/all of the points would be welcome, I am more interested to see a performance in this one. A thought out and calculated game plan. Long should play from the start and we should look to counter attack and expose that useless show pony Lovren from the off. Whether he plays from the left or upfront with Gabbiadini I don’t care. I’ve read that Gabbiadini can play as a second striker, number 10, so maybe that is an option to accommodate both for this game?

Tadic to be dropped. Redmond only gets a game due to the fact that he played pretty well against them in the League cup semi.

Yet again we find ourselves televised by Sky, although only by virtue of who our opposition are. So please, for the love of all things good, please get us a win Saints! If only so that we don’t have to sit and listen to the pundits creaming over Liverpool and Klopp.

0-1 - Long with a 43rd minute shinner.


I think Gabby can play on the right too can’t he? FWIW I’d go for 4-2-3-1:

SeeSaws Stephens Yosh Bertrand

Romeu Hoj/Clasie

JWP Davis Gabby


Or summat

Liverpool 2 Saints 0

depressing shit

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Fats! Where’s your happy-go-lucky go-getter attitude gone?!


I wouldn’t disagree too much with that. Not sure about Davis AND JWP in the attacking three though. I’d probably go one or the other and give Redmond a chance to redeem himself for Saturday.

I must admit I am not loving Steven Davis in the deeper role at the moment. He knits things together well when he is further up the pitch but is coming short to collect it from the back four at the moment. Looks a bit like a square peg in a round hole for me. Purely to accomodate Tadic at number 10.

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His get-up-and-go has got-up-and-gone :lou_sad:


You know what, I’ve learnt something from the last few games, that being, as admirable as it may be to be to be pumped up with positivity in the build up to a game, it’s comes at a price.

The optimism and swagger that exudes from my typing finger, as I boldy post, tongue in cheek references to Sir Nathan ‘Cruyft’ Redmond and his marauding Saints wolfpack, might well be good for the spirit but it makes for a painful fall when reality rears it’s ugly head.

This week I was going to share a little known fact, that the work of Isambard Kingdom Brunel is the blueprint that inspires our steely defence but who am I kidding ? We all know our defence isn’t steely and Liverpool know we haven’t got anyone who scores for fun … so why bother ? … it only leads me to an abject disappointment, so severe, it undermines my sobriety.

So no rallying cries this week I’m afraid guys, the new sensible SITF accepts that we’re not going to be cruising to a 3 or 4 nil win, so I’m keeping it real with my prediction this time round …

2 nil Saints I reckon



4-0 to Liverpool.

Just the four Barry?

Surely you can do better than that?

Why not make it 6, or even 10, hell, why not go for 20:0.

It’s what you want isn’t it? Don’t see much positivity from you these days…

So there are no 4-0’s in football?

I’d jump on the defeat vehicle if it meant we sacked Puel (now we’re safe) and got a better manager, of course who wouldn’t, I don’t want a limping dog for the start of the season.

Cheer up Baz, you grumpy cunt !! How’s your nipper doing ?

Very pessimistic about this one.

Coutinho to score his usual 40yd screamer whilst Fraser is rooted to his line.

4-1 to the Scouse with a Lovren OG

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I am a grumpier cunt now as my corp has fucked up so am screwed, pub it is then, fuck what a fucking day I’ve had I tell thee! He’s fine, a little belter, just gone down for the night, doesn’t stop eating.


We will sneak a 1-2 win here as Lawrenson will have Liverpool to win by three clear goals.


Harsh @bucks what’s not to like about my prediction??

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Bucks has crossed a line today. He will live to rue his poor decision making, mark my words.

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