A rare Saturday game for us this season. It’s the Saints versus the Scousers, the battle of the cruise terminal cities and whichever way the result goes, a decent reason to have a beer.

ms pap is also talking about making her Sotonians debut.


Rockstone! Sfcsim coming too.


Yeah! I can dig it. On call at the moment but a kind colleague is picking that up for me (I did the same for him a while ago). Rockstone works for me, as ever.

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Mmmmm, nearly the hot chocolate season…you sexy things.


I really want to go to this one, but i need to get work completed before i go to Prague. Was planning on working Saturday to give me a chance of completing before i fly out.

Are tickets still available? I feel a change of heart coming on :lou_lol:


I doubt it as litt’lun no 2 will be on the way, would have loved to though.

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the Rockstone allows little ones in the pub too…


Do they?

He’s normally been sat outside when I’ve see him.


Woo hoo! GOLF TIME!

DPWTC gets underway tomorrow check out their Mannequin Challenge what I helped with.

Saturday will see our crew around the course in our stripes except me cos I gotta baby sit Henrik this weekend.

Well start presenting match off by inviting Blandy to the game then quaking a few ales in the clubhouse & continuing my discussion from last night about MLT with Dwight Yorke, then we’ve actually got them to lay on a free bus for us for the 15 minute run down to Barasti for the game.

This time last year we played Stoke City at home and to our utter shock the England ODI team accepted our invite and we suffered that 1-2 defeat in embarrassed silence.

Hoping for bigger & better this year.

Anyone else joining us? We’ve got about 6 Saints fans in town for the weekend so it’ll be busy (and about 35C & sunny)


I will be there for a pint before the game. At last a Saturday game…woohoo!


Who is starting the match day thread for this one as it appears we are all crap at doing it for a prolonged period of time?


Has anyone booked a table at the Rock yet? I will be there with the Geordie mate so sounds like we might need 8, but am out of phone contact for a while.

We will be there 12.30 latest.


Going to the same pub as Pap after yesterday’s fun filled thread? You’re brave? :lou_lol: :lou_wink_2:


Just wait till his Geordie mate turns out to be Lou.

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Not sure what you have heard. Pap does not bear grudges or lose his sense of humour. And positively welcomes criticism. Give the guy a break!


I did ask Rory but he said…

“Actually I can’t make it Saturday but JP my Caddy would love to join you”.

Do we want to sign up a scousehampton fan to open it?

And Im kinda busy - sorry


Yeah, g’wan then.

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ms pap is confirmed, as is Juvy #2.

I’m not really sure that’s a good thing. She’s pissed off enough about my forum exploits as it is. Tomorrow might be the moment she goes full scouse rage, throwing people around the Rockstone in slow motion like a flame haired Lou Ferrigno.

Probably not, though. She has threatened to kill me (and others) several times. We all still live :slight_smile:


I’d like to say I’ll sweet talk her pap but as Ginge has already met me I know there is absolutely no fucking chance of that happening.

May I suggest the strongest beers known to man and treat her to a big pile of Rockstone beef.

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If no one booked a table yesterday (lazy fuckers), we can all practice Baz’s favourite topic of safe standing (while ducking those thrown about by the raging Juvy Pap) :lou_lol: