Little Things that make you feel old

No. Not Advocado & Poached Egg for breakfast, more a thread in the vein of Annoyances & Pleasures of Life.

Example. Polish TV are running ads for?
Old Spice Aftershave.
How is that still going? Anyone else get one once upon a time for Xmas?
It came to mind listening to some 30 year olds talking last night about some old git at work who was 45. I harumphed and they replied with a nice “but you’re Phil”.
Oh great thanks.
Old Spice & from the Motley Crue movie tonight, explaining that THAT noise was a Fax machine



Going from being the youngest member of a ships crew list to one of the oldest.

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Realising you are older than the parents of some of the people you employ :lou_sad:

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Or the parents you are talking to were born when you left secondary school. Which you still think was a few years ago.
Or when your manager reminds you that September 2018 was a year ago. What?


This is copied.

“When you have to spin those dates of birth wheels on ID’s like its wheel of fortune”


You’re living in a golden age of television in Poland there, Fil.

Has Only Fools and Horses made its debut there yet?

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When you realise you’ve been retired for longer than you spent at school.


I did see Allo Allo on tv a year ago…

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Trying to make any sense of the “IPTV” thread.


One can only hope that you haven’t just taken a slash on your Samsung.


You and me both and i’m the one that needs to put these strange words/names to some use.
I could just open a bottle of wine and forget about it till the next game i can’t make😊

Its watching telly on the internet via some device or add on, its just a blag way to watch everything. It is the future of tv and media though ie every through one device which would be a tv probably.

Dry as a bone.

Aches that take ages to go away

As a nipper you exert yourselves, ache for a day and everything is back to normal. Now you strain tendons and other weak shit and it hurts for months

I have a aching ankle from a 17m hike round the forest a month ago and a hurty elbow which feels suspiciously like tennis elbow but I haven’t a clue how I did that

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Actually, that’s exactly what I was about to type. Yesterday was the third anniversary of my final alcoholic drink, and that makes me feel fucking ancient.

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Surely no booze makes you feel great

When you discuss movies at work and realise half the work force weren’t even born when the film being discussed was made.


Oh aye. There are people out there that have not seen GoodFellas. I struggle to live in this world.

No, it doesn’t.