⚫ Liam Neeson race row ⚪

He can relax, I’ve found his black rapist…

Shows the value of sound bites and selective editing in tge mosern world.

Shows the value of keeping your mouth shut…


I wonder why he felt compelled to say that. Odd.

He’s a fucking idiot. Perhaps his sense was …


I’d rather this was out in the open than kept quiet, what did he have to gain from saying it?
Its now opened discussion about such things.

I think people are being quite horrible to him. Think of what he had to go through before filming Taken, having his wife and daughter kidnapped like that. Dreadful.

Tbh, it’s transparently clear what he had to gain, isn’t it. The usual free publicity for another interminably shit film.

His films are consistently shit, he hasn’t said this before, or he may have said he once bummed Charlie Manson before the Phantom Menace…

It was a stupid thing to say, but it is important to remember that he said when the red mist cleared, how horrified he was with himself and the lessons taken from it.

It seems in this age of the social media warrior, no one can make a mistake and learn from it. It is sad that the worst of what we have been is what is proposed to define us today and, more importantly, forever.


I have read what he said in the interview and I have read the reactions.

There seems to be a cohort of people that want to make it racist when he clearly said that had the rapist been white he would have done the same.

He didn’t go out to “attack” anyone he was just looking to “defend” himself should he have been approached and attacked (and I use the words attack and defend word which is why they are in quotes).

Why did he say it now? Because “he wanted to start the conversation” or, as @scotty mooted “no publicity is bad publicity”

I do think the knee jerk internet warriors need to wind it in a bit though…


I quite enjoyed the one with wolves. Mostly because he died.


The snowflakes will be up in arms, what he said was wrong, he has admitted he was wrong, no one was hurt, it was 40 years ago and thats the fucking end of it.

What a pathetic fucking World we live in.

What did he say Bob?
Haven’t read about it apart from here.

He basically said that a close family friend was raped, he found out it was a “black guy” so he walked the streets for 5 days with a cosh, hoping to be attacked by a black guy so he could “do some damage”.

He said he deliberately went to black areas but he also said if it had been a “white guy” he would have done the same thing.

After 5 days he calmed down and realised what he was doing wasn’t sensible so stopped doing it.

The intent was there but he didn’t actually hurt anyone.

He said he brought it up now to “start the conversation”

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Understand the anger, but not attempting to take it out on any black bloke. That said, if it was a long time ago and he admits it was wrong, i don’t really see the issue. We all make bad decisions in life, but hopefully learn from them.

I really think he must have taken leave of his senses, why on earth did he feel the need to share this. Especially given the current climate in the industry he works in. He will struggle to stop his career going down the pan i reckon. Saying that he walked the streets in a Black area hoping for a “Black Bastard”, any Black Bastard would have done, to attack him so that he could exact revenge did him no favours either. Regardless of his contrition after he had calmed down he clearly had issues with Black people at the time, that much is obvious. That is what he will struggle to defend. But he really should have left this in the past, surely he must have known what the reaction would be, and the damage it would do to his career. He can’t be that naive surely.


This is the trouble with taking statements in isolation, he also said in the interview had it been a “white person” he would have done the same thing.

Who wouldn’t have issues with a certain demographic if that demographic had caused harm to someone close to you? Whether you do something about it or not is moot, you would still have issues, does that make you racist or human?

Heard John Barnes on the radio yesterday applauding him, saying that admitting having those thoughts and feelings and being horrified by them and realising the error of his ways is the way forwards (i’m paraphrasing a bit I can’t remember exactly what he said). If people can’t be forgiven for stuff in the past if they have made a genuine effort to reflect and change then what is the point of all the campaigning and education?


Why weren’t Charles Bronson and Michael Winner questioned over Death Wish?