Let's bin social media

Let's bin social media


Control the inner goat.


Facebook now has reactions.


It could be worse mate. She could’ve been an Adam Johnson fan, and asked for a signed shirt for her birthday.

#ThingsWeDoForOurKids #ThankYouKissAndMore


Having to deal with people you know posting crap like this.

Fear not, it was suitably dismantled, but the next visit to the pseudo in-laws will be fun :lou_wink_2:


That shit = insta-delete for me.

That & cat pics. Endless fucking cat pics.


Yeah, but I like a row, KRG :lou_lol:

I ended up getting one as well.





See, being the complex, layered character that I am. I quite enjoy cat memes.

It’s just I seem to know a disproportionately high amount of people that are becoming crazy cat people prematurely. As such, FB is often just an endless stream of inane cat photos.

“Oh look how cute my cat is eating”

“HAHHAHA cat just came and sat on my lap. AMAZING!!”

Get in the sea. All of you. Take your stupid cats with you. No one will miss you.


I have 5 cats KRG, true story, and I wouldn’t foist pictures on them being cute on anyone.

Saying that however, recently had our kitchen renovated and I was taking progress pictures to show to people at work. Everyday our fat, old ginger cat was in at least one of the photos. Always sitting on a worktop, completed or not.


You show people at work pictures of your kitchen renovation?

The hours must fly by there…


Anything’s got to be better than, you know, actual work…


Why do you think I spend so much time chatting bollocks with you reprobates?


I’d sooner work than look at daily progress pictures of btripz kitchen renovation srs. I bet his colleagues feel the same RIP.


Well, I’ve just fallen out with my father in sort of law because of social media.

It can’t be all bad.


Social media is but the tool to deliver bollocks so might I hazard a guess that you haven’t actually fallen out with him because of social media, more via social media?


Fuck you Price Pikey Bearsy, the only kitchen renovations you’ve seen is when your workplace was re-fitted out recently!


Yeah, but if social media did not exist, the row would not have happened. I doubt he’d stand outside in public saying similar things.


Fair point.