Leicester vs Saints match thread

I’ve still got decent form on the old match threads. I started the Stoke and Liverpool threads, and we managed to win both of those. I’m committed to starting them until we lose.

Saints play the prospective champions on their own patch. What do we see happening?

…just pray I use the infallible “stripey bowl/porridge” combo on Sunday morning.

Win-win for me.

Possibly the only occasion in history when the blow of a Saints’ defeat would be softened by the opponents moving closer to the title.

But it’s still very much COYR.

Saints win, Spurs lose, happy days.


Saints win but I am honestly torn as I want the dream of any team being able to win the Premiership to be alive.

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Last win-win I recall was the home cup tie when Branfoot was on the edge. We lost, got rid, we won.

Anyway, I say draw.

3rd different location in 3 games for me … watched the Stoke game in Tignes whilst looking out at the glorious snow covered mountains, and the Liverpool game in Leigh, not quite the same stunning views!!, both on Dodgy Innernet Streams and will be back with @dubaisaints watching it in high 30’s Centigrade near the beach @Barasti Bar.

Boycotting all things Smiths Crisps related until Monday and must remember to put on my Saints Fc Training T shirt. Whilst wondering WTF is going on as we were getting overrun by those scouse coonts, I realised my Saints top was still in my suitcase. Situation rectified shortly after the 2nd goal went in. You can all thank me for the marvellous fightback!!

Let the Southampton Hounds loose on those Foxes!!


I will be looking forward to watching it in air on Emirates flying to Dubai from Manila the business class section will not know what hit them when we score. :lou_lol:


Originally posted by @Bucks

Last win-win I recall was the home cup tie when Branfoot was on the edge. We lost, got rid, we won.

Anyway, I say draw.


We drew 1-1 with Port Vale. He was sacked on the Monday, Chatterley and Mortimore put in charge. Lost the replay 1-0 a week later and then Bally got the job.

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We will draw, Spuds will draw with 'pool.

I won’t be watching as I will be “enjoying” the delights of Disney Land, gay Paris with my children.

We will win this, cos we’re cunts like that

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I can see us winning and winning comfortably.


I’ll be disappointed if we don’t score double figures

No praying necessary. Use it – or else! :lou_angry:

Can’t see anything other than a Saints win here. Actually, that is a mahusive lie, but we should go into the game with confidence.

After all, Ronald was seen deep in conversation with Claudio Ranieri at the England / Netherlands game, and if there were not death threats involved, backed up by a discreetly hidden gun pressed into Claudio’s back (I think it was a gun anyway, and wouldn’t want to cast aspersions on Ron’s sexuality, being that he’s a happily married man and all that) – I would be very disappointed if our Dutch Legend’s powers of persuasion let us down.

Leicester 1 - 2 Saints.


I don’t want to see our glorious victory hand the title to Spurs so…come on Liverpool - get yourselves a point!

It’s going to be an odd weekend supporting the enemy of my enemy.

Not a chance.

Last two games I have watched from the safety of my Bedroom with Arabic Commentary.

Unfortunately, unlike Eric some of us have old fashioned jobs these days and with the clocks going back 13:30 Sunday Kick Off translates to the middle of our bloody weekly sales meeting here and no way to get away until at least 5:30 and then the bloody factory is out in the middle of the Desert in Rush Hour.

So The Tigers will continue their run then…

But the perfect scenario would be a Win for us and the Scousers. Jeez Football eh? What a conundrum, wanting the scousers to win.

Originally posted by @Dubai_Phil

What a conundrum, wanting the scousers to win.

The kind of paradox that could quite feasibly rip a hole in the fabric of space-time itself. :lou_surprised:


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I’ll be disappointed if we don’t score double figures


You’re expecting _treble _figures? Can’t see it myself.

I will be on my way to Barcelona so an up to date match thread would be much appreciated.

Reckon both us and Liverpool will win. :lou_lol: