:leicesterfc: Leicester v Saints :saints: (PL)

:leicesterfc: Leicester v Saints :saints: (PL)


:leicesterfc: v :saints:


Shamelessly borrowed from Saint Armstrong on Fiverweb.

Hasenhüttl in his press conference before this weekend’s game…

Whether Forster is in his plans…
No, not really. I made the choice to have two strong keepers with Angus Gunn and Alex McCarthy. I think they did it well, both of them. So it will always be like it is, if you have a good experience with one goalkeeper then you don’t look for another one. It can be that Fraser can take a game in the under-23s. It’s possible to do so in the future because he needs games to get back in the position where he is an option for other clubs maybe and that’s what we try to force in the future.

Whether Fraser might therefore leave the club as he trims the squad…
Yes, that’s right.

Gabbiadini going to Sampdoria today and why didn’t it work out here…
It’s difficult to say. If you are a new manager and you come to a new club, you get the first experience and first impressions about a player and for me it seems that he is a good player with fantastic technique, but with this intensive pressing system we try to play, I think to be honest it’s not his way of playing. So it’s better to find a solution that is better for both sides. We can’t show him what he wants to see from us and he can’t bring us what we want to see from him. So it’s better to find a different solution and I think it’s a good step for him to go back to Italy and I wish him all the best. I know that he is a fantastic player and I am sure that he can score in every club in the world, his goals, but we try to go a different way and I think for that we need different players.

Whether signing a forward is his priority now…
That’s right. That’s what we are forcing and what we are looking for. To bring someone in, in this transfer period is not so easy. Because we must find a guy who is also not for the short-term to make us better, but also for the long-term. I only want to take a transfer which is also with a future, that it is helping us for the longer term and that’s what I want to see.

If the upcoming games means we should move faster in the market…
Sure, it’s better to make it as soon as possible. But it’s not so easy in the winter transfer period. We have very important games now, that we are facing and we have a good squad. We have a little bit of a problem with injuries in the front, that’s right. But we don’t want to be hurried. We’ll take time, think about it and if we are 100 per cent sure that this guy makes us better, we will take it. But not earlier.


Also no Bertie, no Ings, no ObiWan … maybe no hope either ?


Quit that trash talk!!

I am optimistic again. I think we’ll nab a spawny 2-1 win with Redmond and a defender on the score sheet. We’ll take plenty of punishment but not yield, except for one howler.




More from King Ralph (all hail)




1-2 Saints Redmond & A. N. Other scoring


Chazza banned for 2 games
Can’t play Saturday


That’s a fucking joke. 1 game ban would have been harsh, but two? Blatantly went after him because of his referee rant they couldn’t get him on. Bunch of cunts.

So where does that leave us? Shane Long as our only fit forward? With Sam Gallagher half fit. FML.

Redmond and Armstrong need to have stormers.


Marcus Barnes.



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