:leicesterfc: Leicester v Saints :saints: (PL)

:leicesterfc: Leicester v Saints :saints: (PL)


I can see them via Safari


Shoulda bought a mac (not the kind you slip into of an evening bletch).


I’m on Chrome on a tablet. I still can’t see the original ones but I can see Kev’s ones


But that’s because I’m secure - solid gold



Twat Lawrenson has us down to lose 2-0 so we should be good for the 3 points.


I can’t see us losing this match,either it’s going be 0-0 or we can get 3 points


I think we’ll do well to get anything out of this game.
Without Ings, Austin, Obafemi, Hojbjerg, Bertrand, Lemina and Yoshida I’m not quite sure if we have enough.
I don’t think we will strike fear into Leicester. Maybe something like this:

Valery Vestergaard Stephens Bednarek Targett
JWP Romeu Armstrong

We look short up front. Maybe push Redmond furthest forward and play Sims behind him?
Who knows?
Hoping to nick a win but would be happy with a point.


Your team Goats with Barnes in place of Long


It will be fascinating to see who starts in goal. He basically said whoever he picks will be his number 1. I don’t necessarily think McCarthy warrants being dropped, although I do accept he should have done better against Man City for two of the goals. Saying that, he also made an awesome save in that game. Tough one to call.


Yup. I’d be surprised to anything drastically different to that. There really aren’t many goals in that team. Our injury and suspension list is pretty chronic. Just as well the cup replay takes up one of Austin’s games and one of PEH’s.

What is wrong with Lemina? Still that stomach issue? He has been training though.


We in yellow or stripes today?
Packed too many clothes so gotta wear a saints shirt to the pub.
Sad trip, I need to donate the original Dubai Saints flag to the guys. That’s been round the world.
Cricket in Jamaica, Lahore, Dubai, Rugby WC final in 03, Arnhem, Rugby 7s, Millenium Stadium, Wembley, Japan 02, Germany 06, Portugal 04.
Time for it to move on.
Or there simply is no space for it or use in the new gaff…


Q: Why did Kevin Spacey move to the East Midlands?
A: He wanted mo’ Leicester.


Surely it should be mo’ Leicestim?


We’re not playing them.


Question mark as you cant just post a question mark on this

Interactive I know wht you are doing forum.


The Ralph Express

(Nicked from Twitter)


As many expected today. McCarthy gets the nod in goal:


Seen a lot of ‘fans’ on twitter moaning about McCarthy over Gunn. Have they forgotten he was our player of the year last season? He hasn’t made what I’d consider howlers but could have done better with a few. Does that warrant being binned off for an up and comer?

I’m inclined to agree with Ralph at the moment. Anybody on here got a different view?


Gunn v Chelsea keeps clean sheet.Gunn v Derby lets in 2,gets dropped.Think Ralph rates both McCarthy and Gunn and trying to push them both.


That squad looks thin certainly up front