:pl: :leicesterfc: Leicester City v Saints :saints:

:leicesterfc: v :saints:

  • What @Lawro said/is going to say
  • What @Fatso said (0-9) :rofl: :joy:
  • What @Philippinesaint said (1-3)
  • What @PeteThePrimate said (2-2)
  • what @scotty said (3-1)
  • :saints: have a point to prove after the home result, however :leicesterfc: play to their strengths and prevail by the odd goal
  • :leicesterfc: are swaggering after the recent home result and score a few, :leicesterfc: by 2+ goals (but not 3-1)
  • :saints: have a point to prove after the home result and, buoyed by recent results, out fox :leicesterfc: and win by 2+ goals, but not (1-3 or 0-9)
  • :saints: have a point to prove after the home result and play within themselves, Adams scores the winner, :saints: by the odd goal
  • bore draw
  • score draw (but not 2-2)

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Ings with all 9


Another fucking pessimist.

1-3 Saints revenge sort off

Back to Earth with a bump - touch your toes time

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We’ll have a decent go at them this time, we will show our progress and play a good, solid defensive game. I’m feeling optimistic.

3 - 1 Leicester.


Who remembers when we used to have a poll to capture these predictions?

Do you remember that @BTripz?

@fatso ruined it by suggesting that he is always right therefore the herd followed him…

Anyway I need a what @Lawro says and it’s far too early in the week for him…

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Bob wants to be fat?

EDIT: he’s spent a year becoming thin.


I’ve put on over 4 stone since coming off the booze :rage: Small/medium to XL in three years :rage: :rage:

I bloody knew it. Tea total is bad for you. Wait till I see the Ayatollah.

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Where have I said that I hate you you fat twerk…

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I shall be in attendance along with a paltry 1279 other Saints. Fucking cop out by the club taking up such a tiny allocation for a Midlands Sat 1500 Kick Off … we sold out 3200 for Villa whilst playing shite and last shopping Saturday before Xmas … although maybe that is why we sold out … 3200 Lads escaping the last shopping Saturday wih the Mrs!!


With the way we’re playing it’ll be a lot closer than before, a draw at best and thats what I’ll go for, 0-0.


Glory hunter


Hopefully yet another midweek game and the 9-0 will see them drop their guard. And hoping Vardy’s calf injury rules him out…

Rodgers is likely to field his strongest possible lineup as he as aims to take Leicester to their first cup final since the 2000 edition of this competition. The team they beat in the semi-final back then? Villa, of course. “Let’s create a new history,” said Rodgers.