Jeremy Pied joins on a free (MOD:EDITED)

Will post link when confirmed.

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Just read that. I’ll be checking my phone every 2 minutes now.


Peddler? :lou_wink_2:

Jeremy Pied allegedly

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Yup, just tweeted by SFC

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Free transfer too according to Mr Blackmore

Yeah anti-climax. Could be good but it’s not the most exciting signing or position that needed to be filled. Definitely not a string em out late at night Twitter announcement level of excitement anyway.

Centre back ain’t he? 27 and knows the manager. Bye bye José?

Well done Wikipedia. Listed as a saints player already.

More of a right back according to the Saints site; versatile too apparently. Competition/cover for Cedric and across the back four I guess.

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Is he Michael Foot’s son?


Thanks for that. I was worried about losing José and the fact Pied is only 5ft 8in tall.

Started as a winger (can play both sides) but converted to a full-back by Puel when he took over at Nice.

Adds versatility to the squad, is a player that the manager knows and gives us more bodies for the EL campaign. Can’t complain!


Is he the French Cuco Martina? Just the 2 year contract…doesn’t exactly scream “we have confidence in you son” does it.

We usually look to renew contracts with two years remaining so perhaps they’ll announce exciting news later this week that he’s signed an extended deal…:smirk:

Oh well. On a positive note that’s one more person ahead of Yoshida in the right back pecking order. Yay

Although every source seems to be saying he is primarily a RB, this site says he played most of his games as RW (although lists him as a RB)

He’s even played 3 games as CF. the only positions he hasn’t played are LM and CB.

And Morgan told him we are the tops too. Sob

Ah the old Danny Butterfield replacement then.

And does this mean don’t really need Lloyd Isgrove?


Well, obviously we can only give him a 2 year contract.

As it will only take that long for you lot to BREXIT & then you’re going to have to throw all the post-vote bloody foreigners out…


Well, as wingbacks seem important to Claude’s style of play, it sort of makes some sense, but I’d worry what it says about Cuco, Cedric, Valery and rest of the youth.

Claude doesn’t seem to play traditional wingers, so he’s here as a right back / wingback, so that says to me that we’re either losing someone or someone is going to cover the left side.