It would be like going back to an old boyfriend/girlfriend....but would you?

It would be like going back to an old boyfriend/girlfriend....but would you?


Lets face it, we have have some AUDACIOUS transfer dealings go our way since 2014 and an ongoing amount of hilarity since therein (ie Lolvrengate :lou_lol:).

My question is…if you can put all bad blood down for a moment over reasons for leaving, who would be the player you would MOST have back in a heartbeat?

Totally understand those who have left are complete shadows of the players they were since they last donned a Mighty Saints shirt but lets have a go!

Mine would easily be Schneiderlin. Was just so classy at breaking play up. Him and Lemina would boss most midfields this year and he could chip in with an odd goal from midfield too

Over to youse


Le Tis would be an obvious choice if he were 15 years younger obvs. Not sure he’d cut it in todays Premier league, but as as impact player he’d be brilliant - coming on to nick that last minute winner. Likewise SRL


Lala probably. Acted like a dick but at least he waited until after the world cup to be one.


Pelle and Mane


Mane for sure. We have good players in defence and midfield but going forward we could really do with someone like Mane. He’ll be off to a big club soon though…



then Mane.

Simply because we’d probably keep Pelle longer plus, lets face it, Mane has been injured a lot since he left


If Morgan could get back to the way he was I’d take him in a heartbeat. He seems to have lost the plot though. Mane certainly. People say that we have never replaced him but how can you? It would take a fortune.


Alderweireld, Shearer, Niemi, Mane

Reckon that would would sort us out


Great thread in which I’m limiting myself to current players.

Mane for me.

His pace would mean a goal a game either because he scored, set someone up or worried their defence into a mistake.

Liverpool are a different team with him.

I’d extend the thread a bit, if I may, to add the schadenfreude conversation you’d most like to have.

Who has left us for greener pastures but knows they really should have stayed?

Morgan for me.


Has to be Fonte - European Cup winner to being hated at West Ham in 12 months is some fall from grace.


Great call there re Mane. Fuck me, we would have won the league with all those who left and Cortese would have had his Champions League to boot.

I reckon SRL has regrets, his bank balance doesn’t but I reckon he does


In terms of player who we might actually be able to tempt to Come Home, I would like Walcott back pls. I think he would do well for us! I could see him on the right wing, cutting inside & scoring lots goals! He would make Redman + Susan Tadic + Shlong look like MUGS!


Anyone remember Luke Shaw?


SRL was on Goals on Sunday saying exactly this.

Then again, he also said he would have had more regrets if he hadn’t joined Liverpool.

How’s the band going Dave?

Haveyou done Battle of the Bands yet?

Did you get your guitar or money back?


Better to regret something you did than something you didn’t.


To be fair Fonte has been improving of late. For a whole week, WHU fans rated him as NOT utter shit.

Mind you he may be back down at that or even the feared “even worse than Lovren” level after Friday night


Ah, didn’t see that interview over in Oz, makes sense though.

Man, have I stories for you Bletch!

So the band disintegrated the week OF the battle as I believe (though in no way can confirm) the drummer didnt think we could win THE WHOLE competition :lou_angry: He didn’t even want to have a crack. Supposed to go on stage on the Friday, he called on the Tuesday. See, Ron aint the only Asshat!

Re the guitar, sadly neither the guitar nor my money turned up, even after writing a message hoping they didn’t get caught up in the forthcoming :lou_wink_2:

So musically, I’m not travelling so well


Your wish is my command. Watch this space (metaphorically not literally).


Harvey Weinstein just tweeted that too. I was like :lou_facepalm_2:



What do you call someone who hangs around with musicians?

A drummer.

Get a drum machine.

PS @pap is looking for a music vent for his vocal eruptions.

Just saying.