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“…What Cobs implied, by saying that he knew one representative of a community was okay, was that people here were espousing the view that members of that community were not okay…”

That was certainly not the intent - jeez - read into it what you will if it fits your world view.

My time here is done I have nothing useful to say (flounces off exit stage left…)


Mwah, Cobs.

You got one downvote, a couple of replies clarifying the position and you got away with calling me a cunt in two threads without me responding in kind.

There are better reasons to take your ball home.


lolz - that’s funny…


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Another reminder from last week of Israels dehumanisation of the Palestinian population.



Interesting story.

Sadly some politicians seem to be corrupt wherever the are…


Netanyahu is a patronising arsehole.

Who could ever forget his wonderful analogue Powerpoint on the Iran nuclear threat when he was trying to put the kibosh on the Iran nuclear deal?



_ The next time anyone tries to blame the Palestinians for refusing to return to the table, remember that Israel’s prime minister repeatedly states his unwillingness to end the occupation. _

He’s said it countless times before in myriad ways. But he usually only says it in Hebrew. This week, however, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said in English, and on camera, that under his leadership Israel will never end the occupation of Palestine.

Speaking at the Economic Club of Washington earlier this week, Netanyahu dodged a question about whether he supports a one- or two-state solution, and outlined a vision that sounds a lot like an entrenched and enhanced version of the occupation as it exists today


@pap this should interest you. Well put together piece from Alison Weir.


I’ve read Weir’s book “Against Our Better Judgement”. It’s a very short book, covering the history of political zionism.

It is meticulously sourced. The book ends on the Kindle before the 50% mark. The rest is linked references and sources, most of them Israeli.



:lou_facepalm_2: Well when I threw stones as a boy I was threatened to be sent to bed without any tea.


If it was another nation state there would unanimous condemnation of their actions. I struggle to see why this sort of thing is allowed to continue. It is simply wrong and needs to be stopped.








Cornyn tweeted condemnation of this today which has not gone down well for some. Many messages stating that the Palestinians were rioting and are terrorists and not protesting peaceful.

As ever the stories are manipulated to what ever agenda you want.


Prisoners of geography, good book, snowflakes will learn facts not idealism cod shite.


You’ll be lucky! The british government speaking out against these crimes? They are cheering them on from the sidelines.


Could you define what you mean by snowflake please Barry. Just so as we can be clear where you are coming from.