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That’s because they’re coming under very little pressure for their policy. A big part of that is exposure. Palestinian voices have disappeared from the media, disappeared through biased editorial policy.

Then there’s the fact that people who do protest or organise movements like BDS gets labelled as antisemitic, a deliberate tactic on the part of the Israelis to stifle criticism.

Then there’s us, too time poor or self-absorbed to do anything about it. It’s a drip feed genocide, if only on a cultural level, but it’ll probably end up being more. You only have to look at the maps to see that.



Criminal age of responsibility in Isreal is 12…


To be honest Intiniki, i don’t think that matters one jot to the IDF stormtroopers.









Difficult to keep up with all the US proxy wars so in the absence of an Iran thread I’ll pop this piece here:




Good on ya TB: