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Bring one of those as well please.



Shame it’s paywalled, but the gist appears to be “we need Arabs, any Arabs, no matter what they’ve done or do, and these lot signed a deal”.

You’d criticise, but it appears the UK and the US have exactly the same stance. Apart from the tiny little Gulf states, who are our other Arab friends?. You have to go as far east as Pakistan to find your next willing ally.


Fucking cunts


Fucking cunts


Isn’t this years old and disputed by both sides? Fairs fair.


Not sure fairness features anywhere here.


The disputing of facts ie they stabbed 2 people earlier.


Who did what to whom and when. Please be clear in what you are saying Baz. Random bewildering sentences don’t help the discourse.


No Cob, this is the 3rd time you’ve this recently, no one writes clearly for a future audience as that takes away the spontaneity from posting and reacting quickly, the gist is the Israelis dispute the Palestinian version and said the two boy stabbed two others earlier hence their action.


And you missed out words and punctuation, was that intentionally Baz :lou_wink_2:

I didn’t know about the other allegations so thanks for clarifying.

Where was it reported btw? Seem to have missed the whole thing



Thanks Baz, interesting read.

Any chance of a link from the Palestinian perspective.

For balance like…



Thanks Baz

Can you now go and get me a beer from the fridge and give me a shoulder massage when you get back


Edit: Isn’t it funny that people with different political viewpoints report things very differently.


Here’s Al Jazeera’s the lobby - USA(both parts). There was a lot of pressure put on the Al Thani’s to bury this, which they successfully did until MBS became a pariah. Strange timing.
How would the press react if any other state(even a non apartheid one) acted this way?



Wtf. Any more background to the story?

I guess our own Dear Leader will have absolutely nothing to say about it.


No western politician gives a fuck…morally bankrupt. :rage:


A lot of praise should be directed at the brave people who film these atrocities, as they know they run the risk of a similar fate(if not worse).