Is there a bigger tool than Toby Young?

Is this cunt really the best this fucking country has to offer?

Happy New Year.

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Thanks Goat, i just listened to the cunts voice again and now i want to punch someone(preferably tiny minded toby).

If there was ever a person that proves it’s who you know, not what you know, it’s fuck face toby.

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Failed his O levels. Got into Oxford due to an ‘administrative error’.

Thick as fucking mince.


Another unelected Tory fanboy shoehorned into a position of influence

& we’re only into day one of 2018

Roll on the next election - not that it’ll make much of a difference

I was feeling mildly optimistic for 2018. Oh well, 15 hours wasn’t too bad…


How the hell can a person who holds those views actually exist let alone be an MP?

Sadly nothing surprizes about this country any more… so we have a a complete cunt fucking with education, soon we will have EDL and BF fuckwits volunteering to patrol the borders… all we need is for May and her cronies to go all fundemematlist Christian and we will have the full on dystopian future we have come to love - wejust need some decent fucking super heros!

He is exactly the kind of person that the cons want running the education system.

Thankfully he is not an MP (matter of time before Conservatives find a nice safe seat they’d let him at). He’s a ‘journalist’ and the director of the New School Network, a free schools charity.

In response to ‘is their a bigger tool?’ Trump is definitely up there, some other leaders of countries, Bo Jo, that awful woman who spouts hate. He’s still up there though.

And just to add spice…

I’ve just read a bit about Toby. He not only failed his O levels, he failed at cse level as well, but he believes his failed results in cse exams are the equivalent of A* in today’s examinations. He does not believe that a two tier exam system will disadvantage anyone, as he’s proof that failing O levels(also cse Toby) is no impediment to a successful university application(daddy, daddy, i failed, get the cheque book out).

He’s also a life long zionist, after spending 3 months on a kibbutz(not to much effort needed to brainwash toby, he’s a bit thick).

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Basically, he’s saying that he is qualified for the role because he is not qualified for the role (you need diverse people on the panel).

And for all the things he’s ever said or done in the past against women, those with low IQ, people with physical disabilities, those with learning or mental developmental issues or those that generally struggle to access mainstream education, he says that he would like to be judged on his actions and not his words; that these were just ‘sophomoric, politically incorrect remarks’.

Here’s another sophomoric and politically incorrect remark.

You are a complete cunt.


Imagine being a journalist that doesn’t want to be judged by your words.



See, I’ve never been a fan of political correctness in general, but how is being “inclusive” possibly a bad thing?

Even if you’re able-bodied, academically gifted and have everything going for you, why on Earth wouldn’t you want to see that schools and society at large wants to give the disabled and less-gifted every chance to achieve whatever their potential might be?

I mean even from a purely selfish point of view, making sure that disabled people are well-educated and employable means that they can be self-sufficient in the professional world and reduce the burden on the taxpayer.

Still, its the Spectator, so he knows his audience is basically the typical grumbling home-counties whinging prick I guess.

He has just received a ringing endorsement from Boris Johnson, who is claiming that Toby is “The ideal man for the job”, and any criticism of his appointment is “Ridiculous”. They really are taking the piss now, openly contemptuous of the electorate. Here, they have appointed to the board of higher education watchdog, a man who’s previously expressed views in the field include complaining about the “ghastly inclusivity” of wheelchair ramps in schools. He also described working-class grammar school boys who secured places at Oxford as “universally unattractive”, and “small, vaguely deformed undergraduates”. Writing about class in a book called The Oxford Myth, Young recounted how the arrival of “stains” - as working class students were known - had changed the university. Yet Toby Young, who failed his o levels so clearly thick as two deal boards, got a place at Oxbridge due to his father knowing the admissions person, and them running a special inclusion scheme for the first time. As i said, openly contemptuous of us, this appointment defies any other rational explanation.

On a sidenote, in my opinion anybody called Toby should not hold any public position anyway. :lou_wink_2:



Here you go