🌍 Is the planet Earth doomed?

:earth_africa: Is the planet Earth doomed?


I like that idea, but it is just an excuse for the carry on as normal mentality, which in itself condemns more to certain death.

The amount that will die goes up everyday people think like that @btripz

The only way everyone could possibly be wiped out is?

Have you worked it out yet?

Still in denial?

Carry on as normal then.


Oh I’m doing as much as I can @saint-or-sinner but we do really need buy in from the whole of society for this to work.

But I think we’re fucked anyway, Gaia is bored of us and wants to get rid.


Perhaps Gaia is a Saints fan and sees this as the only way to get rid of MP/ Reed/ Black(delete as appropriate)




Those who worry most and try and recycle/manage their carbon credits actually create MORE harm than the remaining 99% (well that is the jist of it)


Almost posted that on your black Friday thread Phil. It’s a good article and as you have pointed out, raises the ugly issue of who’s to blame.

1 million plastic bottles a minute stood out.


Yeah. I lived the “Corporate Dream” for quite some time.

Over here that wasn’t so difficlut - finding growth every year - was as much about education and delivery channels for us compared with the developed markets.

But even then when walking through Naif Bazaar here and seeing basically shop after shop selling shit that you wouldn’t get 10 p for at a car boot sale made me wonder.

Around the same time I became “content” look I have nothing these days and need to find a way to build a home to retire to and some money to pay for it, but I never needed the latest gizmo. Christ my car is over 210,000 kms already and at least 10 years old.

But I simply wondered what the hell do you do in life when you dont NEED to go buy something in the Mall? Sure I hae picked up some $1.50 Tee Shirts or work chinos in sales and my telly blew up, but just what IS the point of Capitalism when you have everything you need?

Yet the machine keeps churning you on. Politicans MUST have growth (and Inflation) the whole system of Public Debt demands it.

Consumerism, Capitalilsm are out of control. So much waste upgrading your Apple Phones every 18 months yet at the bottom of the scale so much waste for a labourer who buys a $1 doll for his kid that lasts a week. (And there are 100’s of millions of those for every Apple upgrader.

Planet will only start to stabilise when Gene Roddenberry’s system is implemented :lou_eyes_to_sky: :lou_sunglasses:



Climate change = less Arctic Ice = Easier to Drill for more Oil and Natural Gas.

And Russia is miles ahead of everyone else in that game


“Climate change = less Arctic Ice = Easier to Drill for more Oil and Natural Gas”

True, but on the positive side more fuel to make the electricity to power more air-conditioning units


Back at the beginning of this thread, i said it would be some innocuous event that signals our impending demise(or words to that effect).

Well done @dubai_phil you might have found it.

More ice melts, sea levels rise, the once perma frozen tundra releases all the trapped methane, all whilst the US and Russia(+respective allies) burn evermore hydrocarbons in the fight to control the resources of the area, which in turn heats up the area they are fighting over and so pushes the temperature/air quality past critical and we all die*.

A positive for @cobham-saint Billions die, but the cost of heating** goes down, as the customer base has vanished.

* @btripz has someone already written a book covering that scenario?

**All the places that use ac will have perished years before.


Note to self: Don’t invite @saint-or-sinner round for an evening of light hearted banter and conversation



A little harsh. Invite him round but make sure the central heating is off and all light bulbs are energy saving. Oh, and sacrifice your young and dependents.


I could do something like this @cobham-saint

But i still think you’re all living in happy valley(especially @fatso ) .


Look what’s in the papers today. The build up has been going on for some time now.

“The ability of our economy to increase military production and services at a given time is one of the most important aspects of military security,” Mr Putin said. “To this end, all strategic, and simply large-scale enterprise should be ready, regardless of ownership.”


Looking forward to my backwater village cheap old property being the new ‘central London mansion’ in terms of ££££ :lou_lol:


So it would appear that plastic microfibers are now in everything, even our drinking water and they never degrade.



Remember when i said we had 20-30 years?

Good news.

I might have been wrong(maybe).

Bad news.

It’s only 3-6 years away(possibly).

This video is quite amusing, but mainly because of their faces at the end.


Despite the date you posted was my birthday, you were on the cutting edge of making us aware of this @saint-or-sinner …by 3-4 months compared to the BBC etc



The Planet Earth will be ok for maybe the next 5 million years. Humans maybe a little shorter. We’ve only just evolved but fucked everything up in a short time.


Decades old news in reality. We wanted to believe a lie against the ever increasing scientific data, so we switched off all rational thought.

Now it’s slapping us in the face and we still ignore it. Acceleration rate of between 100-1000 x faster than the last great mass extinction, caused wholly by our actions and no one wants to even discuss it. That’s fucking bizarre.

Is it really more depressing to talk about change that could have saved us, than it is to live a empty hollow consumerist life, full of debt and passive acceptance of what we are told to believe, whilst always being aware(simple arithmetic) that it’s a lie and the reason behind our acceleration towards our own demise.

Don’t take any notice of Guy McPherson. What does he know.