🌍 Is the planet Earth doomed?

:earth_africa: Is the planet Earth doomed?


CO2 rises = Greenland ice pack melting = fuck loads of water released + gravitational changes = cities around the world getting submerged.

Nasa forecast: Which cities will flood as ice melts?

[Note: it doesn’t say IF ice melts, but AS ice melts]


Impressive modelling. Just as well most major cities aren’t built on the coast/river deltas :lou_facepalm_2:

Because if 2/3rds were that would be a big problem.

Imagine millions of people all of a sudden looking for somewhere new to live in a very short space of time.


this is why they’re tryin to make me drink 8 glasses of water per day. I bet they put it up to 10 if things get bad.


We dead yet?


Isn’t this a good thing? More flooding, more disease, less people?

Maybe throw in an anti biotic resistant super bug and a meteor strike.

Happy days!


The bad news is that we will have to move to Scotland.


I’ll buy a boat.


I think you should read Flood by Stephen Baxter


If I had a choice I’d come back as a Cockroach. Their numbers seem to be holding up very well; a very robust creature…

Cockroaches are among the hardiest insects. Some species are capable of remaining active for a month without food and are able to survive on limited resources, such as the glue from the back of postage stamps. Some can go without air for 45 minutes.


They don’t seem to survive a well aimed blow from a trainer


I’d come back as a mayfly so I could get the fuck off this shithole planet as quickly as possible.

Happy Thursday everyone!


I’m watching Kingsman (the first one… It’s very average/ not that good) but the Samuel L Jackson character (Valentin) is sounding a lot like SOS has been on here. Is there a link?


Are you referring to the massive wealth and intellect?

Or just this kind of thing, that everyone has known for decades?

When you get a virus, you get a fever. That’s the human body raising its core temperature to kill the virus. Planet Earth works the same way: Global warming is the fever, mankind is the virus. We’re making our planet sick. A cull is our only hope. If we don’t reduce our population ourselves, there’s only one of two ways this can go: The host kills the virus, or the virus kills the host.

It’s accelerating more and more with each day that we think we can ignore it and carry on as usual. It’s coming so much faster than people can imagine.


What have you got up your sleeve @saint-or-sinner ? I’m getting worried.


The first Kingsman movie was Slightly Above Average, you fkn dipshit!!!

I know what you mean tho, it’s not often you watch one of them bond type movies where a Megolamaniac is upto something Shady and think, hmm, that’s actually a Pretty Good Idea. I hope he pulls it off.


How about a 35°c wet bulb.

Sounds good and it’s relevant. All it needs is people to keep on doing what they’re doing and that’s a given. It’s so simple it’s brilliant. Try it, mention 35°c and people all say “i’ve been in hotter” and dismiss it.

We’re getting closer and closer. Lots of people already dying, but when we hit 35°, millions could die in days.

Pakistan and India are going to suffer big, but all the middle east, africa and south east Asia are in for massive death and population movement. Everywhere will suffer to various degrees, even Europe, so just as well we’re leaving. Don’t laugh, it has more validity than most the other reasons.

Pakistan is suffering regularly now and it has not hit the magic number yet.

Dr Seemin Jamali, a senior official at JPMC noted to Al Jazeera:

“The mortuary is overflowing, they are piling bodies one on top of the other. We are doing everything that is humanly possible here. Until [Tuesday] night, it was unbelievable. We were getting patients coming into the emergency ward every minute.”



Nasa have put together an interesting little film showing the time and length of the seasons changing over the last 20 years.


Welol, this sort of thing cannot help.

Looks like the EU has been exposed


It seems someone made a mistake and our acceleration towards our impending doom never slowed down, despite our weak half harted efforts. Oops

It builds on a range of research that shows that despite repeated claims global warming had stopped it is actually continuing at a catastrophic pace.


See, thing is @saint-or-sinner , as you have alluded to in previous posts I think there is very little that the Human Race can do about it. We’ve fucked the planet and now the planet is getting it’s revenge.

Gaia is very much a thing and the Earth has gone through hots and colds in the past. The planet is one big petri dish and Gaia is, just now, putting it in the steraliser to clean it ready for the next lot.