:saints: Is our recruitment policy to blame?

:saints: Is our recruitment policy to blame?


But I thought China was on a mission to win the World Cup by 2050ish? Seems the wrong way of going about it.

Apologies about @BTripz on the currency, he doesn’t know Yuan from another


Until a decent proportion of Chinese parents are happy to spend time and money for their kids to develop as footballers rather than cram endlessly for university exams they ain’t winning jack.


Hows about this guy?

Seems to know where the net is…


No words really

Except holy shit


£123.03 per minute

Suppose we only get £11k worth of value every match day.


José Fonte

4 years ago today this was the team that beat Sunderland 8-0, not even our best side of the last few years yet they’d fucking hammer us now, no one can tell me we’re doing ok and it’ll be alright as quite frankly its not.


With Wanyama and Mane coming off of the bench (and scoring) too.


I’ll just leave this here…

Happy Thursday!


The National…sounds more like The Skatesmuf Evening News. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


Given the generally shit state of British football journalism, I tend to ignore anything published in English language rags in Dubai, Singapore, etc. These guys aren’t exactly the cream of the crop…


Pep Plato and tiki taka a deep but interesting read


Quoting Hegel and Plato is taking it a bit far but an interesting read though.


Only time I’ll post something that quotes them both let alone in a football context!


To be fair, we have one rag called Sport 360. They have a decent Journo.

Well, he is a massive Saints fan so of course he’s good…



The British sports journalists would be more than capable of reaching similar conclusions if they were to stop salivating over Pep, Jurgen and Jose’s temper tantrums for five minutes.

I find it hard to argue against the content to be honest. We have heard way too much talk about being on the verge of us winning football matches but the time has well and truly come to step up and actually do it.

Starting with Newcastle tomorrow. Beating teams below and around us will be key to avoiding the drop. All too many ‘winnable’ games seem to pass us by and we haven’t beaten a big boy for many moons.

Massive game tomorrow.



We’ve been sold a wrong’un, going to games doesn’t make a difference to know we’re royally fucked in the long term, tomorrows result matters little in the grand scheme of things, if we get any good sellable players we’re continue to sell and weaken.


Fuck off Barry


Still disagree?

Tune in to Talksport now and they’re saying we’re a poor boring side and pity the commentator going there tomorrow, we’re shit and thats all there is to it.

You disagree and throw in the deflection of do I go to the game?

Not many but people closer to the stadium than me, a lot closer aren’t arsed anymore and the reason is the continued selling of the best assets and the replacements not being anywhere near up to scratch, if the club takes the fans for granted then they’re truly fucked.

You appear to be a state of cognitive dissonance.


I am going to enjoy going to the game tomorrow. No one is in any doubt what you think, as you post it ad nauseum, on various different threads.

No one thinks this season is brilliant. Enjoy Liverpool.


Its not this season, that is a part of it, we’re 3 years in of shite, poor football and we’re going backwards so fast we’re near a time machine to get back to the present.

We’ve some average players but we’re a woeful team.