:saints: Is our recruitment policy to blame?

:saints: Is our recruitment policy to blame?




Problem is you’re right Bazza.
Now just stop being my ex wife and repeating it all the time.
Don’t think even Plato could do much with this squad.
Now, where’s that Monty Python sketch. Is Pythagorus still out of contract?


We had a great turn out last night for MLT. Last time he came I guess we were all nervous, this time he was simply coming to the Pub to watch Saints with “his mates” - something he can never do back home.

He found time to have a chat with each and everyone of us. At halftime he even insisted on buying a round of beers - when we said it’s too expensive (11 quid a pint now) he simply said “can’t take it with you”.

I asked him to put his TV Pundit head on and “what was wrong with us”.

Point 1 and THE most crucial is that "The team is shorn of any confidence."

Results are not good, we cannot score, so players become scared of making mistakes (and then getting battered on social media) so that breeds fear, we are starting to see that again with Redmond who has been less effective of latre and is starting to turn in circles again. Confidence breeds decisions like Mo blasting at the keeper instead of taking one moment to look up, Gabbi blasting over from 20 yards in the second half.
"Confidence is NOT something the Manager can cure alone", he can not whisper in Mo’s ear, he can set the climate but then so many other factors come into play that erodes that through a game.

  1. "Our recruitment policy in the past 2 years has been very poor" "we have lost quality players and the replacements don’t have that same level."

So there you go Baz. You were right. No need to keep going on about it, it is a Known Known. What we now need to debate is what is the Unknown Known. Namely what the fuck are we going to do in January to find quality and get them into the team.

We can debate how Mo gets in the team ahead of Armstrong, whether Chazza needs to be put out to pasture, OR whether to sack the Head of recruitment.

There you go


I know I’m right, every bellend from here to Mogadishu could see that bar 19 deniers of truth on here, all other forums know it, 99.9% of Southampton and football fans know that, the board haven’t got the bollocks to admit they’re wrong.

What sort of pigheadedness is that about, like again as I’ve always said it comical Aliesque, we’ve total morons running the club and thye haven’t a clue.
Using the comfort blanket of previous seasons of good buys merely highlights its was others doing it OR a total and utter fucking fluke.


Its too late, as a business sometimes its better to stick with the shit you have and if you stay up you clear out, you go down the money saved is better spent on getting the required quality to get you out.
No doubt about it, this is a worse team than 2004/5, we’ve only got ourselves to blame as well, it laughable and embarrassing in us wanting to expand markets and yet arrogantly allow nearly all to overtake us.

We’re a shit shower of a cunt team with the biggest cunts running it.


I blame you Baz, you should have said something sooner.


If only they listened to me Gav, we’d be sitting pretty.


Maybe we should go back to the bad old days of old Razor?


We must stop signing such anti-social types.
The only time anyone has seen Redmond being quick all season


Only 20 mph! There was this guy (not me!) busted doing 140 kmh in a 60 zone! His car did get destroyed by the MOT 4’s but it musta been fun whilst it lasted


Cheap Range Rover.


Banned from scoring goals and now banned from driving. Poor lad.


I’m being serious, thats a wank one. Better off with a top of the range landy discovery, I’m biased though.


Anyone seen a Range Rover Sport Convertible?

They have all the style of an expensive skip.


I agree, I don’t really like the new style (I personally don’t have the money to buy the good ones), more of a box defender bloke (if I could afford to buy an old one and run it I would).


I can imagine you sat in Derby with your hunter wellies and Harris tweed. Keep fighting the fight comrade.


Is that the one designed by Beckham’s Tart?


Might explain everything.



Just found the legendary photo - what is to blame is we never had the Monkeychicken petting zoo


I do have hunter wellies and a harris tweed blazer (not weather worn leather elbow patches though) and throw in a barbour as well.