:saints: Is our recruitment policy to blame?

:saints: Is our recruitment policy to blame?


I agree, what happened to the slow and patient rise and doing it the Southampton way? Everyone knew it was bollocks so why did they say it? I said 6th was as good as it got and that was it, we’ll never break into the top 6/7 unless we get a billionaire willing to break the FFP and buy all the best players? Can you see a billionaire ever wanting to set up shop in Southampton when there are 10 more attractive clubs at least.


This is spot on Simon Says. The mess is, in my opinion down to awful recruitment over the last 3 seasons. It does seem that Paul Mitchell was key in that respect. We have a squad of mediocre but quite decent players. Pottechino is a great manager and we lucked ou there. Koeman had Mane, Wanyama, Van Dijk.

It’s interesting that we were looked upon as such a progressive example of how to run a smaller sized football club.


We sold our soul for either monetary gain or commercial spotlighting. When we were on top of our game, we were real good at what we did. Then, unsurprisingly, the press wanted to “know” how we were doing so well.

Thus, Les and Ralph sold us out by showing the world our inner most secrets and for what? Back page showboating? We have never been at an advantage since.

IMHO, it is Les and Ralph for this commercial decision that has put us in a downward spiral over the last few years. Bad recruitment and poor manager selection has not helped but the underlying factor is there plain for all to see


Exactly :fu:



Is that where he learnt to dive in needlessly and misplace simple passes?


That doesn’t excuse in inability to defend.

Natural ability is key to being a professional footballer, he has it but not at this level or he is not showing it, anywhere near whats required.


Uh oh rumour alert

Lander sports share price dropped yesterday from 21.33 yen to 2.78



Lander sports share price dropped yesterday from 21.33 yen to 2.78

On a rush hour train not easy to follow what’s ap msg at moment


More details please @Dubai_Phil !


It was 6 carriages. Driverless. Very clean but smelly garlic eaters.
A skate messaged a mate but it was a misprint. I couldn’t get my phone out of the armpit of a labourer to check the facts sorry


Here, have a look at this - sorry about the messy looking link. You can track the share price…



It was a skate who sent the message. Equally he WAS correct. BUT it was a typo with the decimal point out by one point


It was at 21.87 5 years ago…


So it’s .278 yen then?


At that price, we could all chip together, buy Lander and so own the club.
What position would you like?


Right back.



Great blog. I guess he wasn’t referring to some of the threads on Sotonians

“…, If you squint a bit, and not take this blog too seriously, not get bogged down in ‘facts’ and take a monumental leap of faith…”



The share price has been dropping for 6 months, doubt its related to the football club, more likely to the economy slowing in China and the effects of the taps being turned off for sports funding from the government.

Also its yuan, not yen…:lou_facepalm_2: