:pl: ⚽ Irrelevant games this Season


Looks like he pinged a calf muscle.


41 min Liverpool 4 - 0 Norwich City


HT 4-0.
Norwich have had a couple of good chances but Liverpool could have had another 3 or 4.
Tough start for Norwich.

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So goal for VVD and was that an assist from Trent Alex thingy as well?

Meanwhile Technical Disaster on global TV - Must be BA supplying the IT


Second half delayed due to communication difficulties with VAR and the ref and linesmen.
FFS They have FLAGS…use semaphore. :lou_facepalm_2:


How did they not put that in the back of the net ?


Firmino having a blinder in defence for Narwitch


I really like the look of Todd Cantwell. Might be too slightly built but he looks intelligent and skillful.


Norwich can play football, that’s for sure, they do press. create chances, but like many promoted teams they are so far off the pace at the moment and making mistakes you cannot make in the EPL


Well they got one back… 4 - 1…game on. :lou_lol:


Delia Smith trolling Hanson - classic moment


They also look very short and small as a team. They seem to be out-muscled easily.


A failing of us the past few seasons tbh


Firmino is that arsehole Centre Forward you used to play with in the Pub team who NEVER passes the ball


FT Liverpool 4 Norwich 1


What, like @Rallyboy but without the charm?


When I first played with @Rallyboy he spent so much time in their area that I thought they had two keepers.


Funny that - I thought he was a living statue who’d inexplicably found his way onto the pitch.

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