🇮🇪 Irish Elections 2020

Proudly continuing our tradition of covering things no-one else is covering, the Irish Elections 2020.

Will Varadkar get the boot? Polls is shit, you, but this poll suggests he might, and that Irish reunification may be on the horizon.

I’ll be voting for Jimmy Cricket

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Say no more!

Is he on the Left or the Right?

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Don’t like him, he looks smug

Irish reunification can only come from the North not the South.

Who will be the new T-shirt and T-bag? If Sinn Fein win will Boris meet with them or will he get Corbin to do it for him? Exciting times.


The southern Irish elections play absolutely no part in a future united Ireland in constitutional terms, that has to come from the United Kingdom, is anyone actually familiar with the good Friday agreement and democracy?

Er, doesn’t the ultimate responsibility rest with the citizens of NI? If there was a major takeaway point to the GFA, it was self-determination for the people there.

Er, NI is within the UK and the UK Government will consent to Irish unification.

Self determination to some but to others the preserve of the Union.

So if a majority of NI says it wants reunification, the British government will say no, is it?

I doubt it, but why did you show the Southern Irish election and state reunification could be on the horizon as they have no input to the border poll and a reunited Ireland (GFA), either you’ve forgotten what you’ve written or don’t know what the fuck you’re on about.

Will Varadkar get the boot? Polls is shit, you, but this poll suggests he might, and that Irish reunification may be on the horizon."

They have loads of input. All the ROI has to do to get the people of NI to agree is to convince the Unionist part of it that they’ll be okay. They can point to Protestant communities south of the border, mostly dotted along Ireland’s south coast, to demonstrate that a Catholic-led Irish government can look after those of different faiths.

Current polls suggest months of struggling to put together a weak government by coalition since both major parties have said they will not enter coalition with SF. I don’t think Dublin could afford to subsidise NI as Westminster does.

I happen to know a tad about this, what was the Protestant population before partition?
Without consent of the North the South can do nothing.

There is no consensus to ever support SF in the South, far too divisive, don’t get me wrong if it made sense electorally they do it but it doesn’t.
There are many nationalist by heart but unionist by head voters in the North, the South could never afford unification, the UK would love reunification as well financially but the loyalist/unionist will not leave unless they’re voted out by the nationalists.

That’s probably going to happen. Sinn Fein will probably not get more than their peak of 25% as they’ve only stood 42 candidates.

If that edges closer to 30%, will be difficult for Fine Gael and Fianna Fail to say that SF shouldn’t govern. They can probably get away with it this time, but will face backlash at the next elections.

Pap its a protest vote against the established centrist parties, also the higher goal of Irish reunification isn’t on the agenda hugely yet as they playing the socialist anti globalist big banker card.