Just got mine, bit blobby out the back but still synced audio and video, loaded it after a nightmare in the lounge and its a dream with quick broadband.
Still have BT etc etc but get the 1500 kick offs, very pleased indeed.

I’ve been using it for ages. £60 a year and 7000 channels, including as you say all our games (plus ppv boxing).
I even watched the last series of Star Trek the other week(it was a bit weak).
It does indeed seem to work a dream.

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I paid £95 for mine ha ha! Still very happy with it and have it on 4 devices so made up!

Just got a new TV so will have to link that up, which is going to be annoying, but once connected it does work very well. Even watched football whilst being dragged around the shops(apparently that’s a bad thing to do).
If you paid that i may have got the price wrong, but still a bargain.

I’ve put mine on an android tablet which is easy as also are apple devices, fire sticks and boxes however are a fucking nightmare as all the direct links have been taken away off file linked and others, I got there in the end of a you bloke from Yorkshire, let’s crack on it’s called .

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You watched a “how to” YouTube vid?

I did.

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Good man. It’ll be the only hope for me.

I’d get on the letscrackon fellow, Kodi is all but dead, well for live sports anyway, I can’t think of any other way than IPTV now for live sports.

Cheers, i’ll have a look. Gave up on Kodi quite a while ago, as sport was all i used it for.
There’s always other ways, but i can’t keep up to date with it, this one works well(for now) and is very reasonable even for someone that only looks at a few sports.

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Let me know how you get on, I was on you tube for 3 hours sifting through shite until I found the right place, in short they’ve cottoned on to the easy links from from sites to accessing smarters pro and others so they taken them off many places that were there, filelinked etc so finding the right place to get it is a pain in the arse.

That sounds far too much effort and annoyance. I’ll have a go over the weekend, but if it’s a pain i’ll just send picture from phone to tv(if i can remember how).

You directly connecting your tv is an option, but it depends on whether you can get smarter pro or whatever you’re using, and also how good it is as receiving and how good your broadband is, and casting is another good idea but you’ll need a chromecast or apple tv I’d think.

Screen mirroring. Works fine and took about a minute.
I will eventually get around to doing it properly, but I know i can now watch us stuff Sheffield on the new TV.
Cheers for the tips.

Screen mirroring? Your tv does that or apple?

TV. The only apples in my house come straight from trees(apart from when the daughter is here).
Sony phone and TV. Pick the settings on both and push ok. That’s all i had to do, which to be honest was hitting the ceiling of my tech ability :grin:

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I can’t do that with my smarters, maybe its sony, screen mirror on apple but it’'ll look for apple tv, chromecast can do it, tried with a roku stick but it will only cast their apps on the device not the phone.

You can get connectors for any device/TV.
This is an old vid but mentions that kind of thinking.

@BTripz will know how all that stuff works.

Are you talking about streaming from a phont/tablet to a TV or just the IPTV provider side of things?

I personally have a small PC connected to my TV that I use for streaming stuff (when I can get on my TV). Otherwise I use IPTV Smarters Pro and VLC player to cast to Chromecast.

From an Apple device I have little to no idea.

@Saint-or-sinner I think you’re lucky in that you’re using Sony to connect to Sony otherwise it is a minefield of connectors and middleware to get it sorted.

I can cast direct to my LG TV as long as it’s connected to my home network but the qaulity isn’t that great.

Ah, the days when I used to get 5 minutes on my tv. Long gone I’m afraid.
Discord app on my mac for me (free).