Who suffers from Intolerances?

No no NOOOO! Not THOSE, - FOOD STUFF! FFS don’t go all Barry already

Is there a trend?

Are GM Crops making more people Intolerant?

Who’s eaten too many Oysters and now can’t see a Prawn without turning Green?

It is something that has been bugging me for a few years.

I was a WHITE BREAD NAZI until about 3 years ago. If it wasn’t white I’d have a temper tantrum. Baguettes, Crusty Rolls, Farmhouse, Bloomers & Cobs, in fact anything except “Sandwich Bread”

But about 3 years ago I noticed that I’d have lunch and suddenly want to fall asleep. In fact it started to reach the point while I was between jobs that I DID fall asleep.

About the same time I was chatting on Skype with family members who had also “suddenly started” to want to sleep after a White Bread sandwich. So I switched to Brown stuff.

Reading up on it seems the symptons were Gluten Intolerance. Boom that came out of nowhere so made me wonder if it was due to some shit they are doing in the food chain.

Then we get into the Oyster / Shellfish and other Food Allergies.

So who has them? Have you ever fallen asleep during the first Powerpoint after lunch at a Business Meeting? Did you blame it on Gluten?

(Do you have to use Cornflour in your Gravy?)

Is there Gluten in shandy?

Bletch dozes off after half a tin of Top Deck.


In answer to the gravy question No you can use smaller amounts of plain flour but have to keep stirring it more to stop the little white lumps appearing.

More snide and weasel like high fiving, class.

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More snide and weasel like high fiving, class.


Go on then please explain in plain English, that I can understand what you mean by that statement?

Originally posted by @Barry-Sanchez

More snide and weasel like high fiving, class.


This is in the FOOD Threads section Bazza

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I would not add weasel to a gravy.

Though otter can be nice in a parsley sauce.

Im convinced most of the “allergies” people have are a load of bollox. It’s a me me me thing? (admit that some people have real allergies though)

One of my colleagues is allegedly gluten intolerant and also can’t eat garlic.

She regularly eats a burger and bun after a few drinks & merrily chomps her way through a store bought pasta meal every lunchtime that I’m pretty sure includes lashings of gluten and garlic…while at the same time banging on about how both affect her…ffs


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It’s never warm enough although the smaller ones can be.

It is actually a SERIOUS point.

Celiac Disease and Wheat Allergies are well documented and can be tested for.

GLUTEN intolerance is something I have started to understand and a yet is not fully understood by the Medical System and no tests yet exist for it.

I was QUESTIONING whether anyone else has noted an inotlerance to things like White Bread and then added in a general question to encompass other intolerances such as Shellfish

IMHO they have done something to Wheat. IMHO it may be having an impact on us

Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity

There is increasing evidence for a gluten-related condition that causes symptoms in people who do not have celiac disease and are not allergic to wheat. Researchers are still trying to discover the exact biological cause of this condition, known as non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS).

There is no test that can diagnose you with non-celiac gluten sensitivity. It is diagnosed in people who experience symptoms after eating gluten but test negative for wheat allergy and celiac disease. As more and more people go to their doctor reporting unpleasant symptoms after eating gluten, researchers are trying to characterize these conditions so that NCGS can be better understood.

The most common symptoms of non-celiac gluten sensitivity are:

  • mental fatigue (known as “brain fog”)
  • fatigue
  • gas, bloating, and abdominal pain
  • headache

Because there is no laboratory test for NCGS, your doctor will want to establish a clear connection between your symptoms and your consumption of gluten to diagnose you with NCGS. They may ask you to keep a food and symptom journal to determine that it is gluten that is causing your problems. After this cause is established and your tests come back normal for wheat allergy and celiac disease, your doctor may advise you to begin a gluten-free diet. There is a correlation between autoimmune disorders and gluten sensitivity.

Explain the title intolerances and then explain in the first paragraph don’t go all Barry.

If I am wrong I’ll wholeheartedly apologise, why did my name need to be mentioned?

White bread should be banned unless it is the proper freshly baked stuff. The crap they serve up is full of additives and shit and is really not very nice.


Originally posted by @Barry-Sanchez

Explain the title intolerances and then explain in the first paragraph don’t go all Barry. If I am wrong I’ll wholeheartedly apologise, why did my name need to be mentioned?

Why do you think Barry? You are the least tolerant person on here by a country mile!!

Bullying and wrong, that’s what it is, why the need for it to be there?

Snide that and childlike, oh how we laughed.

Mate of mine went on and on about his Shellfish Intolerance - like you, yawn.

Then we were in a Thai Restaurant, we ordered Tom Yung Soup (which is normally Shellfish based) he ordered the Chicken Version.

Two sips and he went grey, then turned through all shades of Green closing in on Emerald as he sprinted to the door. He made it to the elevator in the hotel before passing out and lay there in a pool of vomit.

24 hours he was in hospital.

I actually also understand the Garlic one. I used to LOVE Garlic, especially Roasted. But these days, again I have become intolerant of it, not allergic (I think there is a difference)

Now, I can have Garlic if it is fried off first, but IF I have sliced or chopped Garlic within an hour or so I need to down a bottle of Malox (Milk of Magnesia to you lot I expect)

I just seems to burn a hole in my stomach and then can’t drink any booze for a day or so let alone food!

As others posted on the booze thread I think I am allergic to Gin, just the smell of it I want to chuck up (unlike Southern Comfort I’ve never tried to drink much of it or thrown up from it as a kid) A sip of G&T and I start retching.

Allergy wise, Mrs D_P got stung by a Jellyfish badly about 3 years ao and that has brought out a whole host of allergies that cause her to sneeze like crazy.

But yes there are a lot of luvvies who are intolerant and “effected” and think it is cool to say they have them

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My first Mrs was allergic to Budweiser the American version because it is made with rice and she was half Singapore Malay, and the Asians intolerance to rice alcohol is well documented look at the Japanese on Sake?

Originally posted by @Barry-Sanchez

Bullying and wrong, that’s what it is, why the need for it to be there? Snide that and childlike, oh how we laughed.

Indeed it is Barry. So why do you call Puel a “cunt” and a “bell end.” Or isnt it bullying if you insult a foreign person?

Why mention him being foreign?

Must admit that I tend to agree with the Hygiene Hypothesis i.e. by not exposing kids to dirt, infections etc make them more susceptible to allergic conditions and probably with the proper development of the immune system

tbf I’m a lazy fucker and couldn’t be arsed to totally disinfectant every work surface and toy when the Mutants were little. Crawling in the dirt in the garden and eating it? hell, yeah!

I know that Mrs C_S regularly had battles with the health Nazi’s over it.

Both kids don’t have allergies and seem pretty healthy to me

Who’s right & who’s wrong?


Let them eat dirt as Marie Antoinette said