I started to write a food diary as kept feeling ill and wanted to see if there is a trigger. I pretty much cannot eat lettuce if it’s in a shop bought sandwich/salad. Ok in small amounts and washed properly at home. I try and not eat white bread at all and keep bread intake low as it doesn’t really agree with me either. Also milk seems to be an issue, cannot have a large hot chocolate in a cafe now. These are fairly new in tolerances to food and not something ever had before.

I had a really bad reaction to Strawberry juice in Italy once. Red itchy skin and felt awful. A housemate also had a reaction so I steered clear of strawberries for years but fine now.

I much of the pasta/bread issue are probably due to them being processed and what goes in them.

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Thanks ITK

So for me the question is Are we just getting old or is there shit going on with our food (and not just Horse Meat burgers)?

Shellfish (& Oysters I get everyone can eat so many & your system says enough)

Worryingly will this lead to an intolerance of booze??

One point on the gluten thing, Phil. If wholemeal bread doesn’t have the same effect on you then I’d think it highly unlikely that gluten is the cause. After all, there’s just as much gluten in wholemeal flour as there is in white, isn’t there?


Thought that too. Been having sarnie this week & getting a reaction that wasn’t happening a month ago.

But don’t get it with Brown Bread from local shop only wholemeal factory stuff

I have an intolerance to single measures.


I’m getting more intolerant as I get older.

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You are correct i believe. Our immune systems like our brains need to learn and will only learn through exposure. Read an article about it(possibly not scientific) years ago, town/sanitised house kids compared to country/outside getting filthy kids. If i remember it correctly , farm kids that had to muck out and be around the animals were the least susceptible to infection.

Young parents, buy animals, lots of animals and make the little people clean up the mess with bare hands.


Originally posted by @cobham-saint

Must admit that I tend to agree with the Hygiene Hypothesis i.e. by not exposing kids to dirt, infections etc make them more susceptible to allergic conditions and probably with the proper development of the immune system

tbf I’m a lazy fucker and couldn’t be arsed to totally disinfectant every work surface and toy when the Mutants were little. Crawling in the dirt in the garden and eating it? hell, yeah!

I know that Mrs C_S regularly had battles with the health Nazi’s over it.

Both kids don’t have allergies and seem pretty healthy to me

Who’s right & who’s wrong?

I hate to sound like an old fart who thinks over-sanitized modern living adds to the problem but I’m with Cob. Kids crawling through flower-beds, eating earth worms, drinking from puddles, skinning knees and scrubbing with a soapy flannel turned us skinny post-war kids into a pretty sturdy bunch.

Never had allergies…in fact my wife and I never heard of any of our school mates with an allergy…NOT ONE.

I think it was a combination of resistance through early exposure and maybe natural foods without additives…who knows.


Mentioned the first mrs was allergic to Budweiser forgot to say I am the same way with Kronenburg 1664 1 sip of it brings me out in red blotches all over the place

Avoid the blue can is all I can do.

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1664 gives me a stinking hangover even if I don’t get completely and utterly ratted on it.

Must be the additives…well that’s my excuse.

1664 is another one to be added to the worst drinks list yes it is a chemical beer like Heineken and most Asian lagers.

Who actually monitors what goes in our food? We’ve all seen those FB posts about Asperbergers Syndrome or whatever it is in Sweetners and the Evil Monsanto, and this should scare the crap out of you.

(Hint - don’t go buying cheap shit from Car Boots etc any time soon!)

Maybe you want to buy the Not So White Button Mushrooms…

40 Year Old Meat? Pah, this reporter obviously hasn’t eaten any of The Bears’ Burgers lately… :lou_sunglasses: (Where is he these days?)

(And for Cobham)…

China probes ‘fake seasoning producing hub’ near Tianjin

![Chinese chef cooking vegetables|976x549](upload://icaFb1FDq4BOTjnrOosnMYXxYCJ.jpeg)Image copyright AFP Image caption The seasonings are commonly used in Chinese and Asian cooking

Chinese authorities are investigating nearly 50 factories allegedly manufacturing fake versions of widely used food seasonings and sauces.

It comes after Beijing News reportedly uncovered the elaborate operation near the city of Tianjin.

The plants were using ingredients unfit for human consumption, like industrial salt, in seasonings including soy sauce and vinegar, the paper said.

The products were labelled with brands including Maggi, Knorr, and Nestle.

The seasonings, which include spices and chicken stock, are commonly used in Chinese cooking and can be widely found across Asia.

China has been rocked by various food scandals in recent years, with tainted milk powder killing six babies in 2008 and making more than 300,000 children ill.

Unhygienic conditions

The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) said in a statement on Monday evening that it had dispatched officers to Tianjin to investigate the claims.

The Beijing News report said a “fake food seasoning manufacturing hub” had grown unchecked for more than 10 years in the town of Duliu near Tianjin.

Nearly 50 small factories, operating in a residential area, had been churning out fake seasoning estimated to be worth up to a 100m yuan ($14.5m, £12m) per year.

Reporters and local police visited the factories last week, acting on a tip-off from a whistleblower.

Pictures and video taken at the scene show workers making and packaging the products in dirty sheds using homemade equipment like plastic drums and garden hoses.

The factories were said to have used industrial grade salt unsafe for human consumption. They also recycled by-products from other food manufacturers, and were seen freely using highly regulated ingredients like the artificial sweetener cyclamate.

‘Thoroughly rectify’

Beijing News quoted Nestle’s China office as saying that its anti-counterfeit team was looking into the matter, and that “product experts will be helping law enforcement representatives in identifying suspicious products”.

Chinese food brands such as Totole and Donggu, whose products were also faked, said they were either assisting investigations or conducting their own probes.

Totole added that it had known about the factories since 2007, and its anti-counterfeit team had conducted numerous crackdowns in Duliu, but had been unable to completely stamp them out.

The sheer scale of the operation revealed in local media shocked a country that is no stranger to food scandals, prompting questions online.

“Shouldn’t the CFDA be the one that is punished? A whole village has been faking products for so many years. Can we still trust this department?” said one commenter on the CFDA’s Weibo page.

“How many people have been poisoned by these fake products? Seasoning impacts so many lives, this is no game!” said another user.

The Food and Drug Administration said in its statement that it would “thoroughly rectify the problem of fake food seasoning production, and present the results of our investigation to the public in a timely fashion”.

In 2014, the Shanghai Husi Food Company, a meat supplier to fast food chains McDonalds and KFC in China, was found to berepackaging old meat.

The following year authorities seized 100,000 tonnes of smuggled meat, some of it more than 40 years old.

Last month Chinese media reported that food suppliers in the north-western city of Shanxi were treating mushrooms with hazardous chemicals to make them look whiter and fresher.


Nice way to get Beaver…

Ah so Bread is an issue because it is making us eat OTHER PEOPLE! WTF??


Some breads and pastries contain L-cysteine, an amino acid used in the baking industry as a dough conditioner and it’s used to prolong the shelf life of many bread-based products.

**L-cysteine can be derived from human hair because it is the cheapest source of the acid. **

I know I know it’s the fail but some snippets

Many yoghurts, especially low-fat yoghurts such as Muller Light, contain gelatine.

Gelatine is of course made from skin, tendons, ligaments and bones of pigs and cows which are boiled in water, according to PETA.

As sugar isn’t naturally white, some manufacturers use bone char to make it that colour - often referred to as ‘natural carbon’. It is quite literally the charred bones of an animal.

According to PETA, supermarket brands obtain their sugar from several different refineries, making it impossible to know whether it has been filtered with bone char

Non-organic bananas are sprayed with a pesticide which may contain animal parts.

According to Science Daily, the pesticide Chitosan, which fights bacteria and prevents bananas from over-ripening, is made from shrimp and crab shells.

…I don’t have such an issue with this as often use them in Stews/Casseroles/Goulash


Some Worcestershire sauces such as Lea & Perrins actually contain anchovies

<img id=“i-7f2b4147eb889be6” src=“” height=“423” width=“634” alt=“Some Worcestershire sauces such as Lea & Perrins actually contain anchovies” class=“blkBorder img-share”/>

Some Worcestershire sauces such as Lea & Perrins actually contain anchovies

It’s often added to stews and a Bloody Mary to enliven them, but some Worcestershire sauces such as Lea & Perrins actually contain anchovies.

…Lol Forget that Semen in a Pie quote how about this one


Some ice creams contain the ingredient ‘castoreum’ - which comes from a beaver’s anal glands.

The fish in the sauce gives it an umami flavour, which is what gives food a moreish savoury taste.

Some lagers play havoc with my system and others dont. I did read somewhere that some of us are allergic to sulphates so maybe that is it? I do drink a lot of wine and most of that contains sulphates but once I get up to the two bottle mark I do feel pretty shitty the next day.

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I grew up thinking pineapple burnt everyone’s lips, tongue and gums. I was about thirty-five when the ex suggested that I may have an allergy.

I’m intolerant towards those who tell me how fantastic Stockbridge high st is, especially Thyme and Tide.


Did you ever wonder why the ex upped your life insurance and fed you a constant diet of Hawaiian pizzas? She prob only suggested you had an intolerance when it was clear it wasn’t going to kill you…


Oh, and dont start me on about Stockbridge…

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Oh but darling…you really must go! It’s so…so wank-tastic.

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I’ve been, and relatives from outlying areas think it’s the centre of the universe. Centre of my rusty sheriffs badge more like…


Not foot or drink but:

  • Virgil van Dijk scoring for Liverpool on his debut