Intiniki's capital birthday celebrations


The only crap thing about the Cup Final was the result. A few of us mentioned that it would be nice to do the whole capital drinking thing again without the prospect of a soul crushing Zlatan denouement.

That time is near. Making good on my promise to organise @intiniki 's birthday celebrations, we’re presently aiming for August 5th, hopefully a bright and sunny Saturday.

We will also be naming the Soviet.

Who’s coming out, and does anyone have any particularly good venues we might incorporate?

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21 again?

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There’s going to be 21 in the Soviet? That seems too many. I’d limit it to 4. Do you have to attend the party to get the Soviet nod?


Sorry I am washing my hair.

Oh ok I will come along.

Venue wise I only really know my local area in Walthamstow or Islington. A few pubs near Charing cross. South Bank can be fun. That’s as far as my knowledge goes.

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I will be in Spain. :lou_sad:



Shit excuse :lou_sunglasses:

Fortunately @intiniki and I are both in Southampton for the first home game of the season.

There will be a second leg.


Just right for a platoon that.


Can I bring your uncle? Sounds like my kind of guy.


There’s a lot of nice pubs in Hammersmith - the Dove, the Old Ship, the Crabtree and the Distillers all being well worth visiting for a drink or two


21 X 2 :scream:


Camden can be fun - only really know the weatherspoons on the riverside and a few others like Monarch and recently went to Amy Winehouse’s watering hole which was nice. But not much outside space and hopefully if it’s nice a outside space would be good.


Am away on the Sat

Can do Friday eve early doors if anyone is around. Cheapside / Bank or Waterloo area for preference.


August 5th? I will be in Greece, sorry :lou_sad:


I’m in - South bank/Borough Market good for pubs - with the added benefit of helping defeat terrorism by using the market pubs that were closed for two weeks


Anyone got spare airmiles knocking around?


fowllyd reminded me of this last night and unfortunately I’m actually moving my my son into a flat in Battersea that day.

Really outside chance that I might pop into a pub to say hi.

If not then have a great day Intiniki.


Should be there - however, I have to swap my on-call weekend with a colleague and I already know that two out of the four possibles won’t be able to do it. Some arm-twisting may be required I think.


Right. Who is in as Pap and I had a chat last night and thinking of cancelling this as I’ll be down in Southampton anyway on 12th. Non stop busy weekends are taking their toll.

If people are about in London happy to go ahead but will open it up to others (non sotonians shock horror).


Bugger. I can’t do the 12th either.

Could do the 11th and we could then all do a mass posting on the Slightly Pickled on a Friday Night thread.


I’ll do the 14th in Walsall.