:astonvillafc: 🤣 Ings Joins Villa, Apparently Unaware It Isn’t 1982

£30m according to Adam Blackmore

Sorry to see him go, but he’s hardly put in an effort the last half season. We need to move on and he’s made a laughing stock of himself: not quite a big six European football move. If we’ve got the reported £30m, good business, especially if he picks up the usual injuries.

My only worry is JWP following him. But if Ings in his last year is £30m, JWP is £50m plus.

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Well he has just gone from a lad with something to prove to a mercenary cunt


I think we’ve had the best of him to be honest. I’m hoping this clears the way for Tella to get more regular game time.

Hope he enjoys their Champions League campaign. Who did they get in the draw?


Hope this allows us to keep JWP and clears the way for us to get Armstrong from Blackburn.

Attacking lineup of Armstrong, Armstrong, Adams, Tella with Walcott, Redmond, Djenepo on reserve isn’t that bad.

Plus if it puts a bee (size 10 boot) in Levy’s bonnet (direct contact with ballbag at high speed) that is a bonus, especially with Kane doing his best to get out.

Well when Lady Slowlane said he’d gone to Villa I laughed like a drain. :rofl:

It’s not true is it?

If Tella is the answer then Championship is in the question

Fuck the little Northern cunt.

I wouldn’t mind us selling Vestergaard as well - would hopefully give us the money to get another good young CB prospect like Marco Kana and an extra attacker (Edouard from Celtic at £15m?).

Given we need to rebuild a bit anyway and are not bad enough to go down, then we might as well go full bore and write off this season where we know Norwich, Watford and (probably) Palace will go down pretty far off the pace…

aah I’ve missed your unrelenting positivity NYS, but you’re right Tella isn’t the answer to all our problems, we also still have Redmond :lou_wink_2:

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My first reaction was shock, then I laughed…

Totally out of left field and belies the “wanting to test myself at a higher level” line, obviously going for the money.


Ings to Villa??? Is it April Fools day :roll_eyes: :rage:

Done! Shocked tbh…

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Not that he’s gone, but that he’s gone to Villa. Seems to have happened all under the radar too.

Seriously WTAF? Seriously?

Keep up this is old news now :lou_wink_2:

What a massive cunt he is. Exactly as AB says, nothing to do with European football.

Only a three year deal?

Bearing in mind this is an Aston Villa side just about to lose their best player in Grealish.

Danny you are a disappointment.

haha good old Blackmore, a Villa fan himself but telling it like it is!

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