In preparation for our move to new forum software

In preparation for our move to new forum software




Cobham Saint and Cobham “two spaces” Saint - buy you fixed that?

Technofucktard - though that’s only on Discourse isn’t it.


You missed out Gay Abandon in my long list of really cool names… although I am sure all he ever posted was bollocks and bullshit so not a big loss if his history was lost in space and time…


Just wanted to let you know how I’m spending my Friday evening.

I’m coding. I’m not drinking. After last weekend’s 3-day-binge I no longer drink.

Instead, I’m testing the import of our data to the new forum.

How have I decided to test if I’ve managed to convert our posts accurately from here to there?

I’ve decided to import the Brexit the Ramifications thread over and over and over again whilst systematically comparing each post in this forum to the new forum.

It’s like programmers purgatory. It’s June 2016 all over again.


So on one of the test runs I’d obviously made an error and the result was 4300+ posts in the Brexit thread where the text in each post was simply




And translation for the non-geeks…Bletch is a twat!


As long as I drunkedly post random music videos in serious discussion threads :laughing:


Which is why we haven’t moved to Discourse yet Ted.

Until Bletch can find an antidote to you then we ain’t moving anywhere…



I’ve posted as Saint CD and also as Saint CD. Maybe my alter ego is Andy Goram (there’s only 2 Andy Gorams, 2 Andy Gorams …). Glad to have been of some assistance.

As you were …



I’ve just had to copy both your names into an ASCII and UNICODE converter to see if the apparent ‘space’ in your name(s) was a single ASCII 32 or something else.

You may laugh (you probably aren’t) but we’ve got @cobham-saint so much they stick two of them in their username.

But I’m happy to report you don’t have this problem - just a healthy dose of dissociative identity disorder.

Yep, you’re both fine.

No, they’re not.

































It’s hard to ignore what is arguably your best ever post.


Despite instructions to the contrary, it’s sad that you just couldn’t keep your hands off my cock post.


As this isn’t 1950’s communist russia I will continue to not ignore it thank you very much.


So you’re determined to keep putting your hands on my cock post?


with all the impunity I can muster.


Can we have both our names on the new forum?

That one and this one?

Or does that mess with Arthur Askey?


Glad to have been of service. As you were. CD x