In preparation for our move to new forum software

In preparation for our move to new forum software


We will soon be migrating from this forum software to one called Discourse.

You can get an idea of how the new version will look by visiting a test site I’ve created here.

The test site is automatically updated with posts that appear here.

If you’d like a login to the test site to see how posting and other things work, drop me a PM with your email address.

As part of the planning process, there are a number of things to communicate as well as some things I want to ask the membership to decide upon.

So, I’m going to use this thread to do that. Please check in and answer any questions you see.


Bugger, I tried to break it in testing everyone but failed…sorry.


Actually, it’s pretty good so do try it out to get the hang of it. If I can use it then anyone can



I would like to give a big thumbs up to @saintbletch . I’ve done close to fuck all on this. It’s all him.

The technical bit was really only half the effort.

His real achievement was “pap diplomacy”, getting argumentative little me onboard with an idea I originally was a bit wary of.


And I’d like to thank @goatboy for the image attached to the PM he just sent requesting access to Discourse.

Was that Barbie or Sindy?


My opinions on look and feel.

We needs our red banner back. I am also a fan of the sotonians logo. It’s a bit anarchic, and I really like that.

On that notion, I would also like to see different fonts tested during this evaluation phase. Try some anarchy. Font Squirrel is your friend.

@saintbletch - honestly, massive achievement sir, compared to our competitors. They’re still running upgraded versions of the same shit. You’re close to slotting in a complete replacement.

Question. What’s the anti-spam stuff like?


Watching a footie match. More important. Sorry


:scream: decent in the WhatsApp group. It’s a fecking playoff as well! disgusting.


Usually he sends a picture of Bettina his much puncture repaired inflatable friend…




What? Has Bettina been cheating on you too?


This is being blown up out of proportion.


It actually looks and feels pretty similar to what we have. I like the slidey rather than page numbers.

Agree with pap about the red banner/general cosmetics but all in all, damned fine work Mr Bletch.


Also can there be a ‘new post’ button rather than just ‘reply’. Or am I missing something?



Also about the banner

quite like the leaderboard as it is on current site.

Mentioned previously about whether it could have a Sotonians themed single user friendly landing page with one click links to the various parts of the site.


Change … ?

Don’t do change :lou_sad:


New season, squad overhaul. You’re on the list matey.



I’ve always had my goal set on playing for a bigger club. My heart will always be at Sotonians but it’s time for me to start a new chapter in the journey. I’d like to thank the gaffer and club management for their wonderful support. I want to win trophies and compete at the highest level in the game. Au revoir and mange tout. I gave it my all …


Do we qualify for the 20 grand a goal and 250 grand clean sheet bonus when we move?

Or do we have to take a selfie sitting slumped on FlyBe/FlyDubai to get what we deserve?


It’ll be like moving from The Dell to St Mary’s.

Sure, the old place had character but was a bit of a dump to be honest and an upgrade was needed.

I think I’m talking about The Dell…



Look and feel is totally themeable. Each member can have their own theme if they want and (I believe) you can create your own themes - i.e. it’s not an admin-only feature.

You can change any UI treatment via CSS selectors and colour schemes. Also you can specify whether that UI treatment is common, desktop-only or mobile-only.

Here is a simple theme example.

This is the standard Discourse theme - which I prefer personally as it’s really clean and easy to read.

And here’s the Sotonians v1 theme that I created over on Discourse…

I basically used the same colours we currently use here.

To change the banner colour at the top is also possible too…

To place our leaderboard there will be a bit more of a challenge but again is possible. I’ll take a look at that once we’ve moved and everything is bedded down and working.

Dark theme example…

Fonts? Good question @pap , I’ll look into that.