In preparation for our move to new forum software

In preparation for our move to new forum software



All sign-ups require approval which means that new sign-ups don’t appear until they’ve been approved.

All approved members are able to invite a (limited) number of new members each day. These (I believe) are treated as more likely credible and valuable members of the community and get approved more quickly.

The moderation facilities in Discourse will give you a hard-on, @pap .

You have a separate moderation in-box and all moderation activities are queued up for you.

See here (Also note dark theme banner at the top)…

Amazingly, @barry-sanchez is no stranger to the moderation queue.

Flagged posts - off-topic, spam, inappropriate, etc are there as are new sign-up approvals, users moving between trust-levels, etc.

They are all presented in a shared queue so that all moderators can action them quickly and easily.

Remember too that moderation rights can be earned on Discourse by moving up the trust levels by being a regular and valued member of the community (regular visits, reading, contributing, voting, receiving votes).

All moderation history is also stored so everything can be traced. Any moderator activities that impact a post appear in the post to show, transparently, exactly what has happened.

See that this topic was closed and then re-opened…


We don’t want or need any Fonts which is why we fucked the last one off …


Not sure I understand the question, @goatboy .

You can create a brand new topic (thread) by clicking on New Topic on the main page.

To reply to a topic or a thread, you can either reply to a specific post or reply to the topic.

Or if you’re at the bottom of the topic - i.e. you’ve scrolled to the last post, you can hit the reply button there.

Interestingly, the reply to post feature is really smart.

Where as on Sotonians, we have to quote the post we’re replying to which, when one poster is replying to another over and over again, results in loads of nested quotes that get longer with each reply.

On Discourse you simply reply to the post and Discourse will show you that the reply was in response to a specific post.

See here…

If you then click on that link to the post you were replying to, you are taken back to that post AND the reply that you just made can be seen too.

Finally, clicking on that Reply notification shows you that reply (or replies) that have been made to that post. This means you don’t have to scroll down wondering if anyone replied to a post. You can see who has replied as soon as you scroll to the post.

It’s different from what we’re used to but it really is so much cleaner than these nested replies.

Hope that answers the question?


A question to the membership…

( @pap you may be able to tell me the answer from querying our DB)

I need to know all the aliases that any poster may have posted under.

These include those that have changed their usernames and those that have different usernames.

Here goes.

Created as -> aliases -> profile page

papingu -> pap ->

argon -> ant ->

Cracked Rib -> Chutney Ferret, Areola Grandee ->

Question - are there any other posters that I need to know about and what are all of the variations of their usernames?

(Didn’t @bearsy and @tokyo-saint fuck with change your name feature early on before you locked it shut, @pap ?)


Kind of yes. I like all those features . I just wanted to post and was hunting around for where to do it. I wasn’t replying to anything really just posting bollocks hence ‘reply’ didn’t really grab me.

Maybe those reply buttons should say ‘reply to post’ or ‘new post’ (for general thread ‘replies’)? Otherwise I’m just guessing where to post.


PS: in your drive for design ‘cleanliness’ don’t forget we are all dirty bastards. :lou_wink_2:


Will @saintbristol still be able to bork the music threads?




@saintbletch lost me when he mentioned the Ugly Inside and CSS and queues.


Gotcha (on this and Reply to Post. I’ll have a think about that).

And as a someone who has seen the photo of you becoming a ‘Barbie Wellington’, I know you’re a dirty bastard.


Also, note that @coxford_lou 's cock-emojis will still be with us too. Probably took me longer to code them than it took her to produce them!


Cool. Can we have some new cocks too please?


No. But if he keeps linking to them we might just not bother following the links.

Posting a URL on a line of its own will embed a small extract of that site into Discourse.

Plus in Desktop mode you get post preview so you can see exactly how your post will look when you hit reply.

If you’ve got a login over on the test site, try posting a URL on a line of its own.

I’ve tested Pinterest, Flickr, the OS, Facebook, Vimeo, Google Plus, Daily Mirror, The Sun, Daily Mail (sorry), YouTube, Imgur, Amazon, Soundcloud, etc. and they all embed a small snippet of the site you’re linking to into Discourse.

In addition, you can upload any media you like to our server, so no need to take a picture, upload it to a third-party site, get the URL, back to, insert image, paste URL, etc.

@cobham-saint even managed to upload a picture of a pussy in his shower.

@dubai_phil even managed to upload to the test site directly from his camera. i.e. Go into Discourse, say reply, click add media, click use camera, take picture, uploaded and posted. Job done.

Imagine match-day threads with uploaded images from the ground seconds after events happen (Wi-Fi permitting!)

So even @saintbristol can’t fuck that up.



It will be 4 in the morning. PJ Harvey, Alex Turner and Gaz Coombes will be chucking frogs in the cauldron and Ted will kill discourse.


Why do all the photos look like they’re either post-mangle or from a Salvador Dali gallery ? Maybe it’s a setting on my phone ?


You’ll get these at least close to when they happened


Eric still believes he was interviewed by the real radio last night :lou_eyes_to_sky:


I think it’s the way our current Sotonians site handles images - plus I’ve posted them at a lower resolution and constrained the proportions.

Look at the same thread on the test site, here.

Do they still look Dali-esque there?


There’s lovely …

I even noticed a nicely proportioned pussy. Little dry for my liking but destined for much moisture.

See y’all tomorrow. Only one sleep.


Fuck this is complicated… cant we just exchange address and write letters… maybe one day to be published as part of ones memoirs? maybe just converse vocally in an Inn over an ale?

I want to break free, want to break free from your lies, You’re so self satisfied I don’t need you, I’ve got to break free
God knows, God knows I want to break free.


Bletch can you please clarify Sotonian’s GDPR policy? Asking for an EU friend.


It’s an excellent question that I know comes from your deep commitment to your Soviet role rather than some form of Brexit-shaped humour.

However, you have landed on an excellent differentiator for our new forum. We will be fully GDPR compliant (in a little while) but how will other forums on older software get there?

Come the morning of May 25th, pop The Man (Steve Grant) a PM asking him to give you all your personal data, a copy of all of your contributions to the forum and a commitment to anonymise or delete all of your posts. Shortly afterwards, he and his team of bourgeoisie moderators will be eating Tokyo-Saint-Madras for months.*

Be in no doubt, @tokyo-saint , everyone here supports (or actively encourages) you Right to be Forgotten.



* He’ll have a month to comply and, actually, I’m not sure anybody really knows what the impact will be for forums like ours. It’ll take some test cases or Brexit to bring clarity to it.