:troll: I'm going to say it womens tennis is an absolute rip off

and con compared to the mens game.
Who the fuck would pay so much for so so little in comparison?

Sexist troll.


Not sexist in the slightest, that is poor, Halep was outstanding but 55 mins!

Sorry Baz. Conversation muted.

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Why? If you paid £100’s to see a Final you’d want it to go further than that, as proof lets see what the media will say, I’d guess I’ll be vindicated, the BBC are already trying to justify by saying no one should feel short changed as it was such a great performance, thats besides the point.
You’d still want it to go on for longer.

I would like to have said that it’s very enjoyable watching the ones with large mammaries bouncing around the court, worth every penny in my opinion. But that would be sexist so i won’t.
Oh - - hang on a minute.

Cob would have a fit if he knew what professional male tennis players actually think.

What about ‘big fights’ wher it’s all over in first round Bazza, where is your shouting at the (cloud) about that rip off, or is just women that make you feel uncomfortable and full of trolling anger?

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Not condoning Bazza’s clumsy and crass attempt to bring attention to this but why do women only play best of 3 sets when they are without doubt top athletes capable of playing out a 5 set match?

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In the big fights there are 6 fights beforehand of good quality usually.

And all for womens equality, that doesn’t detract that from it being a fucking rip off.

Can’t say that, you simply can’t put a fair question in, the pc pc computer will not allow it.

Let me know if you agree with these statements Baz (for clarity like :lou_wink_2: )

  • Female tennis players are top athletes.
  • They are capable of playing 5 match sets at a high standard that is highly entertaining.
  • You enjoy watching women’s tennis but are frustrated at the lack of drama a best of 3 match allows.
  • In this age of equality women should be granted the same tournament time as the men and play the same number of sets e.g. best of 5.

Are those fair statements fair and are they the general gist of what your original post was trying to get across in your own special way?

No doubting their talent, fitness or anything else, just overpriced for what it is.

Do you think they should be playing 5 sets instead of 3? (in order to give better value?)

  • yes
  • no

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Edit: I added the poll to make it easier for you to answer :lou_wink_2:

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If it helps this is what I feel about women’s tennis, as well as the other 3 statements I put above.

Many things are overpriced Barry… they are priced at what those wanting the tickets are willing to pay… whether this is value for money is only something whose who have spent money on the tickets can answer…

Spending £100s for 3 tickets to see MamaMia on stage in good seats was way way over priced and extremely painful for me to endure… but the value? Well when you saw the joy it brought juvenile MoP for her birthday I would say it was worth it…

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