I just don't get it

I just don't get it


This morning they announced on 6music that BBC Music are teaming up with the Mercury prize as of this year. Shortlists will be announced on 6music and I believe the award show will aired on BBC 4.

Naturally, this led to invitations for people to suggest their frontrunners for the award this year. It appears that people are strongly backing Sleaford Mods. Which brings me to this discussion…

I just don’t get it. I think they are awful. Really, really bad. All bravado and very little substance. Also, they just are not mods (I love the mod-thing, so this upsets me perhaps too much). They seem to have a strong following, and plenty of critical love, all of which I find baffling.

So, what bands/acts do you just not get? I’m sure there are plenty along the lines of One Direction etc, but I’m more thinking of acts like this, that seem to be loved by critics and have strong hardcore fans whilst perhaps not massive commercial success. Let’s just take in as a given that chart success = shite, ok?


Arcade Fire



The trouble is you have no control over what music you like so two people can listen to the same piece and have opposite views.

That said, what is Damon Albarn about?

Ditto the Libertines.

And get the controversial alarm bells ready…Paul Weller, it’s all gone downhill after the brilliance of The Jam…

IMO :smile:


I’ll get hung for this but…Nirvana. Apart from a couple of tunes I think they were boring and predictable. I know someone who thinks that Corbain was a musical genuis. Really? For me Dave Grohl went on to much better things with Foo Fighters.


Another one that will be me hung…Artic Monkeys. At least Nirvana had a couple of tunes. Not heard anything from this lot I like.


You’ve set me off now!

People who go to see the Arctic Chiefs of Leon at the O2, they have to sit down, near the back, and their favourite song is track number 7, you know, the big hit one off the advert…it gets played a lot on Wave…

These people shouldn’t be allowed to buy music.


Just goes to show how subjective it all is. Thought their first album was an absolute stormer; a superb piece of commentary on nights out, the stupid crap people find important and it ends beautifully too.


Rallyboy Partridge: “I’d spend hours in HMVs, Virgin Megastores and second-hand record shops staffed by greasy-haired 40-year-olds dressed as 20-year-olds, listening to contemporary music of every genre – Britrock, heavy maiden, gang rap, brakebeat. And I came to a startling but unshakeable conclusion: no genuinely good music has been created since 1988.”


I agree, but I’ve actually got no real problem with any of the bands you’ve composited. When Kaiser Chiefs first launched, Ricky was interviewed, and claimed that he “would happily wank off a tramp for success”. I really like their first album.

On that note though, I humbly submit Kasabian and Coldplay. Both competent stadium acts, both have some relatively decent tunes and both know exactly what they’re going for; people who like a bit of guitar music but can’t be arsed putting a fucking shift in.


Florence and her fucking machine.

If it was a life support, I would be the first in the queue to flick the switch.


I’ve seen Coldplay live a few times and they are excellent on stage. I dont think they have made a great album though and that is why better live, they play their best stuff on stage. Kasabian - I like some of their stuff. Chiefs of Leon - one/two hit wonder. Kanye West is another I dont get - but then I dont get rap.


Paul Weller ripped of the 60s mod bands/Beatles then when he left The Jame he morphed into Steve Winwood vocally but didnt have the chops.


Coldplay are the chicken korma of guitar music. If you’re eating chicken korma, you’ve missed the point of curry.


slightly off topic but I just looked up some Stranglers on Youtube and the personally-tailored advert based on my choice asked me if I wanted to see Boyzone at Newmarket.

Yes please!

Nothing goes together hand in hand more than punk and shopping centre music aimed at 12 year old girls.


Ha - I’m glad this has caught on. Some, er interesting choices. Have to confess I’m a big Nirvana & Arctics fan (didn’t love the last album mind). Used to like Kings of Leon, but they got very bad, very fast.

Not sure about that. The look, yeah, but musically I don’t think they leant on the mod sound quite so much. They were closer to punk, and even that they were an odd fit for.

Some more for me. Fat White Family, much like Sleaford Mods, it’s just all bravado. Nothing of any substance their, just blokes being obnoxious and people lapping it up. Baffling.

Also, The Vaccines & Catfish and The Bottlemen (god that’s an awful name). Both the absolute definition of guitar bands made for Radio 1. Indie by numbers at it’s finest. No edge, no excitement and basically all their songs sound the exact same. Had the misfortune of catching the latter at Glasto the other week, at the risk of sounding like a grumpy old man, all the songs sounded the exact same. Couldn’t differentiate in the slightest.


Fuck Kasbian forever.

They are a bunch of shameless wannabe Mancs, effectively a tribute act to a band (Oasis) that themselves were shameless wannabes and in turn effectively a tribute act (The Beatles) themselves.

Absolute dullards.


Had to pinch myself last week, I sat on the sofa watching some act at Glastonbury and found myself shaking my head and uttering the immortal words of an old man who is out of touch with the kids - it’s just noise!..


Originally posted by @KRG

Fuck Kasbian forever.

They are a bunch of shameless wannabe Mancs, effectively a tribute act to a band (Oasis) that themselves were shameless wannabes and in turn effectively a tribute act (The Beatles) themselves.

Absolute dullards.

Even Oasis have been properly put into context over time.

Two good albums, was it? And you had to rip off much of your sound, if not your actual riffs, from other bands?


I’ve given up trying to convert the uninitiated. I get fired at from both sides…from my peers for liking obscure rubbish and from youngsters for liking obscure twee stuff.

I shall continue to plough my own lonely furrow and piss everyone off for my selection of music for my funeral. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: