📚 I am currently reading

:books: I am currently reading


Incidentally, I picked up a good condition hardback copy of Vonnegut’s Galapagos in a second hand bookshop last week. I was very pleased with my purchase - £1.50. I am very much looking forward to reading it.

Which section of the bookshop was it placed? Yes, travel books :roll_eyes:




So, what if I’m on a train and someone behind me is reading a video (Blu-ray or the other type) and I can’t see it but can hear it am I reading it too and if I am reading a book at the same time am I multitasking (which I believe only Women can do so Mrs C_S repeatedly tells me)?

Questions questions questions


Only if the video is of Helen Keller.


If you are listening to the audiobook of Tolkien’s The Hobbit you will miss the maps.


You can read?


That’s what Bilbo Baggins hates


I’m going to support my buddy Fatso here. Audiobooks are great and I do have an audacity account. I drive a lot , audiobooks are great. They don’t compare to reading books. The prose on the page was written to be the internal voice you imagine. When you read text you imagine and create your own world.


Upvote for agreeing with you on audiobooks, :poop: for nearly making me physically sick with your @Fatso -directed sycophancy.

Oh, and have a badge for your troubles.


I really am very sorry to see all this. Particularly from @Fatso, who I’d previously respected.


This is like the Brexit thread for people who read/listen


I’m just trying to be inclusive.

You’re only interested in dividing, categorising, separating.

If anything I feel sorry for you.


I’m only trying to get you to accept dictionary definitions of words. British words for British people. I’m taking back control of our language. It’s the will of the people.




Et tu LITSL?


And now he’s completely abandoned English. Just as I suspected.


No just the insidious misuse of that word in the presence of scores of more apt descriptions…
e.g. The video of your cat playing with a ball of wool might be cute, amusing or fun; it is not in any way “awesome.”


I tried to integrate, but your hate has ghettoised me.


I only mentioned I was reading a bloody book, and this thread became Brexit Lite.
Audio books are for lazy people or those who have worn out the muscles in their wrist.
Or my Uncle who is blind of course.


Try this dinger: