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:books: I am currently reading


Cant argue with that although words the disorder maybe


So I read Incredibles 2 at the cinema the other week?

NO! @dinger (rhymes with ginger). It’s not so!

Reading is reading. Listening is listening.

I am a slow reader because I subvocalise (I say the words in my head) which means the voice I listen to is me (not as entertaining as it undoubtedly sounds, actually) and all the accents or emphasis come from me having thought about it.

When @Bathsaint is listening to Stephen Fry acting out Dumbledore he’s doing half the work he would if he’d read it.


I’ve got to agree. Reading is definitely different to having something read to you. If you read a book to a small child…say you read war and peace to it, could that child have claimed to have read war and peace? Of course not @dinger you fannyhead.


@dinger probably thinks that reading reviews of films means that he’s watched the film. Even having someone read the review to him would count.

I’d like to get everyone involved in mocking @dinger. In fact, even just reading other people mock him will count as them mocking him.


Oh, OK.

If @Fatso agrees with me I’ve changed my mind. I’m with @dinger.

I’m off to put a CD in and read some music.



That’s pedantry.

You can’t read a film, because it’s not a book.

Do blind people never get to say they read a book?

@Fatso is clearly a bell-end. In fact I’ve recently downloaded the audiobook of War and Peace and will soon start reading it.


Yeah almost like he had a drop down menu of character types/actors in mind when he wrote it.
Decent summer read but not a page turner binge read like his first


Do people prefer reading in HD or Blu-ray?


I like to read through headphones


I had to pause the song I was reading to reply to this.

Blind people, if they’re using braille, get to read because it’s their ‘voice’ they hear.


I’m a slow reader too…I have to follow my finger when I vocalise. If I read for a long stint I often get reader’s cramp and a sore throat. :lou_sad:


What if it’s non-fiction, where the narrative voice is irrelevant?


…be inventive…read as if you’re a sultry well stacked young lady…like the one you punctured last week. :lou_lol:


I think that’s called singing or dancing or digging. I can’t remember which.

OK, I might concede that for non-fiction the listener is getting a similar amount of information - and therefore not missing out on non-literal information, but I still maintain that the overall mental effort and therefore effect is very different.

I remember reading the end of one book - Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks and a) not being able to put it down and b) having a real phisiological reaction to the description of the cramped underground conditions in the book.

If listening to a grown-up read a book for you was the same, then @Bathsaint would have driven to Edinburgh instead of Bath and he’d have crashed 11 times.


No… that’s not the definition of reading. The voice is important but it’s not the main thing. Reading is about translating written words/symbols/braile into meaning in your head. Having someone read those words and also choose how to read and accentuate certain words means that they’re doing the work in every sense and you haven’t read it.


You’re a stickler for the rules and no mistake.

Sometimes, when I text or e-mail someone, I say I ‘talked’ to them. Even though there was no auditory interpretation of vibrations.


This isn’t evidence on your part! This insane definition of talking is just as bad as your definition of reading. I understand that language evolves and changes but you’re just making up meanings to any words you want. You need to show a bit more respect to the Queen’s English. How fucking dare you.


This is interesting https://www.thecut.com/2016/08/listening-to-a-book-instead-of-reading-isnt-cheating.html

(because it agrees with me, and people who disagree with me are not interesting)


I won’t read that because you’ve made it clear that it disagrees with me. However, based purely on the headline, I’ve not said that listening to audio books is “cheating”, I’ve just said it’s not reading. I’m not making any judgement about the validity of audio books. I’ve listened to an audio book and enjoyed doing so (mainly because it was Alan partridge read by Steve Coogan). Reading is meant to be something enjoyable for people, like watching films or listening to music. People can listen to books if they want, if it helps them enjoy the story or text… but they better not say they’ve read it or they’ll anger me and I’ll destroy them.


This thread has gone exactly the way I expected it to. Excellent.