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Recently finished Shtum and thoroughly enjoyed it.

It follows an excruciatingly slow-motion, marriage breakdown and tracks the subsequent decision about where their profoundly autistic son will end up - both in terms of his education and his long-term, post-break-up home.

All of this is set against the protagonist’s drink problem, failing business, money issues and the discovery that his father, a Jewish refugee, is very, very ill.

It’s a debut novel but you’d never know as it’s written with confidence and such a clear voice.

It’s sad, it’s funny and I loved it.


Best thing I’ve read recently is The Gallows Pole, by Benjamin Myers. Which is based around the story of a gang of coiners in Yorkshire in the 18th century; basically a bunch of fellas snipping bits off coins and minting their own money. It’s a fucking brutal story but almost delicious in its brutality, with a load to say about our continued struggle over state approved impoverishment. And the notion that capitalism is basically the vicious barbs of wounded male pride.

And now I’m finally reading Dune some 30 years after starting it as a child, and… it’s really good! But you probably already knew that.


Another holiday and a bit of reading. My kindle is playing up so didn’t get through much.

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge (spoiler she hasn’t actually stopped). I can see there are some mixed reviews of the book. I found it to be an interesting and thought provoking read.

part through The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How It’s Broken which is a bit of an eye opener about the legal system.


FYI all, I wanted to remember @Intiniki’s book recommendations post so I bookmarked* it.

It will now be in my bookmarks when I come to buy my next few books.

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I have just started Zone 23 by CJ Hopkins and its better than i could have ever hoped.
I will update when finished, but in the meantime here’s someone else’s review.

“Zone 23 by C. J. Hopkins is like a head-on train crash between comedian/linguist George Carlin and science fiction writer Philip K. Dick.”

Anyone read it?


ah this will be handy!


Sort of following dingers recommendation I am reading Pig Iron by Benjamin Meyers and so far am thoroughly enjoying it. Cheers dinger. Will do a proper review when I am finished. Also down loaded The gallows pole so looking forward to that too.



Pretty unequivocally a “woman’s” book from the title but whoever you are I’d say, if you didn’t enjoy this book…

  1. You have no sense of humour AND
  2. You’re a fuckin’ misogynist.

Probably the funniest book I’ve read for many years…laugh out loud on every page and probably the most profound book I’ve read in years too.


Did you buy it thinking it was an instruction manual?


No need…my wife is my mentor. :lou_lol:


Ruud Gullit - How to Watch Football - this will be my holiday book in readiness for the new season when I come back. I will be the next Motson or Keown.


The Martian.
Loved the film. The book is even better.


Is the title

How to Bea Woman


How to Be A Woman?


The follow up Artemis isn’t as good. An OK read written with film screenplay all over it. IMHO.


Either way, you’d like it. :lou_wink:


Have now finished The Gallows Pole, a tale of the Crag Valley Coiners, a group of 18th Century Yorkshire counterfeiters. The book pits the Coiners against the newly formed establishment as they are pursued by the taxman and other men of the King. Meyers paints a bleak picture of the hardships faced by country folk in the face of encroaching industrialisation.
Pig Iron, also by Benjamin Meyers is the story of John-John Wisdom, a young traveller released from prison and struggling to come to terms with life in turn of the Millennium North East of England and the spectre of a violent father. Violence and the threat of it runs through this book as John-John’s traveller heritage and bond with the natural world clashes with the drugs, squalor and hopelessness of council estate kids on the dole.
A cheery holiday read :lou_wink_2:
Actually I thoroughly enjoyed both books.


Are we reading real books or E-Books ?

Or does it not matter?


I don’t think it matters. More pertinent is whether you are reading the book or listening to an audiobook.

I used to listen to a lot of audiobooks on my commute to work. Do I count them as books I’ve read?


Yes, of course. Why ever wouldn’t you? You stuck all of the words in your brain, in order.


I got through about the first 15 mins of an audio book and gave up as the reader was Baldrick from blackadder and I could not dissassociate Baldrick from the book he was reading so it was not making any sense.