:huddersfieldtownfc: Huddersfield Town v Saints :saints: (PL)

:huddersfieldtownfc: v :saints:

  • :saints: continue in buccaneering style and hammer :huddersfieldtownfc:
  • :saints: wobbly at the back but score more than :huddersfieldtownfc:
  • What @simon-says but what does @simon-says say?
  • Training is all too much, no energy and :huddersfieldtownfc: romp to victory
  • Bore Draw
  • Score Draw

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I’ll get the ball rolling here, cause I am actually excited about a game week again, which I am sure you all are too.

After a rock and roll performance against :arsenalfc: I am hoping for that little bit extra bling from the team against :huddersfieldtownfc:

How are the injured boys looking? Haven’t heard anything down here but it looked that a few got crocked?

No prediction from me as the opposite usually happens when I am overtly optimistic as I am this week

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I will be on the sauce as first weekend home from the BF clinic the Rum and Vodka, and San Miguel will be flowing. So I will not see the match or possibly be awake to hear the dulcet tones of Merry Dave.
1-2 Saints


Football. On TV the night before a 4am alarm call.
2nd week in a row.
What’s not to like?
Pub. Krakow here I come


After a great win against Arsenal I think it’s important we don’t get carried away, Huddersfield will be a completely different animal and may be even harder to get a decent result in this one.



Poll added to OP. Prize this week is an unstained but used @saintbletch cravat (virtual)

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For this to be the case it could only have been used by somebody other than Bletch.


3-1 win for Saints :sunglasses:


Clearly I have to back myself here.

1-2 to the Saints.

Dependant on Redmond being fit. Never thought I’d say that…


Judging by the pollsters and your lack of a nice almost new boat no-one else is backing you. Don’t be deterred though, you’ll get one right someday.

Although, now weve learnt how to head a football, imagine Ings or Chazza getting on the end of some of JWPs crosses…

He says.

Reminiscing… (should be working :shushing_face:)

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Its a new dawn

We are a team transformed

We shall trash them

I might have been drinking


There’s a thread for that sort of talk, misnamed thread but a thread all the same…

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In this week in 1971, a few weeks after the 8-0 stuffing at Everton and the 5-2 home loss to Utd, I went to Huddersfield for the first time. We were below them at the bottom of the league and won 2-0.

History will repeat itself, although Ron Davies and Bobby Stokes won’t get the goals. It was also their 2nd season back in the top flight and they got relegated.


If play is as silky and impressive as it was against arsenal I think an absolute bollocking could come Huddersfield’s way. However stranger things have happened and scoreline guesses are modest to say the least from carrot land.

2-1 to Saints


I have approval from Mrs D_P to venture out for this. I have to take a bus, then a train then find a pub actually showing it here.
What could possibly go wrong

This was basically the summary from Ralph’s presser today …


Then when impressed about the rumours that Lemina was offski, he said that he’d had a little word with him to explain how important he was to the team. This was the page in his notebook from the meeting …